Apple A Day Supply

Apple A Day Supply is a high quality supply agency thatĀ providesĀ great supply teachers to primary schools in and around Wiltshre. As teachers ourselves, we know how to guarantee that our service is efficient, professional, friendly and personal. We only work with the highest caliber of teachers and know each of them well. This enables us to match our teachers personality and skills to our schools needs. Our teachers receive a highly competitive rate of pay and our schools are charged a very competitive fee.

Private Tutoring

In addition to our skilled teachers, we also work with local qualified tutors to provide local families with individualised and personal learning plans which are based on their learning needs, style of learning and interests.

If you are a teacher, school, tutor or family that is interested in finding out more about working with us, please visit call us on 01225 302011 or visit our website

Apple A Day Supply Overview