Apple Polyurethane Ltd


We are manufacturers of polyurethane mouldings and specialise in rigid foam. We were established in 2003 by a PU chemist and a polyurethane machinery supplier. We started manufacturing polyurethane mouldings as an additional service for clients who favoured not being involved in the moulding process.

We now have over 25 years of experience using rigid foam and have gained a wealth of knowledge covering polyurethane materials and product development. We are now a global polyurethane supplier and a major producer of PU machine, maintenance and refurbishment.  


We provide quality elastomers and blown elastomers to deliver high wear performance, durability and strength. Our elastomer's moulded densities range from 600 - 1200kg/m3 and hardness from 30ShA to 70 ShD.

Our materials are used in a variety of products such as playground equipment, compressor part, footwear and spacers for re-decking ships.

Integral Skin

Our integral skin foam is utilised for its outstanding cushioning performance, durability and low weight. Its moulded density range from 200 - 400kg/m3 and hardness from 20 - 70 ShA.

Integral skin foams ideal for use in armrests and seats. A good aesthetic finish is often needed and the use of mould paint is common. Our products can be colour matched to suit your requirements. 

Microcellular Foams

Our microcellular foams are used in HaIgene medical products because it combines a biocide into the polyurethane to give protection against a variety of hospital spread infections such as C Difficile and MRSA.

 Microcellular foams can be added to all grades of polyurethane but is ideally used with products using integral skin. It also has built in odour control GEL TECHNOLOGY shock absorbing areas with low density and an anti-fungal layer.

Multi layered Products

Our multi layered products use polyurethane combined with other plastics and natural materials to laminate or encapsulate. This includes products like wood encapsulation or ABS lamination for reinforced inserts and fixings that are moulded in.

Multi layered products and multi density polyurethane provides cushioning properties where it is needed and high wear performance.

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