Appletree Joinery Products Ltd

We are one of the leading specialist manufacturers of timber kitchen accessories in the country

Established for over 20 years, Appletree is a rapidly expanding company, with a reputation for quality products, delivered on time, at a competitive price.

We have invested heavily on a new extension to our factory and on new machinery in the last few months to provide further production capacity. We are proud to have been one of the first companies to obtain ISO9001: 2000 certification.

We manufacture specialist timber kitchen accessories such as:-
  • cooker canopies
    • wine and plate racks
    • display cabinets
    • feature end panels
    • pilasters
    • cornice
    • drawers
  • fire surrounds
    • furniture components
    • kitchen tables and dressers
Along with much, much more.

All are colour matched to our customers requirements and with low minimum order quantities and realistic lead times, our customers stocks are kept to a minimum. Generally our customers tell us what they require, but we can assist in the design of products if necessary.

We provide what our customers want, when they want it, at a price they are prepared to pay.

Appletree Joinery is proud of their supplier network, sourcing materials all over the country for whatever our customer's requirements are. Being members of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) we try to source materials wherever possible from well managed and sustainable forests through our list of approved FSC suppliers.

We are able to obtain quickly and store most hardwoods and are currently using various oaks, cherry, maple, beech and birch. Our sheet material and wrapped moulding suppliers, whether with a veneered or foil surface finish, also are FSC members, ensuring that most of our timber based purchases are from traceable sources.

In our finishing operation, we use compliant A/C lacquers, where products can be either hand or machine sprayed. All waste from these operations are carefully stored and then recycled.

Appletree Joinery Products Ltd Overview