Applied Coating Technologies Ltd

ACT specialises in the application of cosmetic and functional coatings for plastic and metal components. Services include;

  • EMI Shielding coatings
    • Nickel / copper / silver paint technologies.


  • Cosmetic finishing of plastic and metal components
    • Solid / metallic base coats
    • Matt / Satin / Gloss Top Lacquers
    • Specialist finishes including soft-feel and leatherette coatings
    • Expertise in masking to allow selective application of coatings
  • Functional coatings including fire-retardent / wear resistant formulations

ACT is ISO9001: 2000 approved and has customers in the following sectors; automotive, white goods, defence, medical, instrumentation, business machines

EMI/RFI Shielding

ACT is the market leader in the application of conductive paints for EMI/RFI shielding. We supply into a wide range of sectors including defence, medical, aerospace and instrumentation, and have the capability to meet the production demands of low to high volume projects.


Using paints loaded with nickel, copper or silver particles, ACT can tailor a solution to meet both performance and price requirements. Paints can be applied directly to a wide range of engineering polymers and adhesion promoting primers are available for more complex substrates. The coatings are usually required selectively onto internal surfaces of enclosures and high precision electroformed masking jigs are used to ensure accuracy and repeatability.


Our market-driven approach means we turn around samples quickly, and provide customers with a rapid response to help solve EMI/RFI challenges.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Conductive Paints

The most commonly used conductive paints are loaded with nickel, copper or silver particles.

Nickel was one of the first conductive paints to be engineered and used in mass production and is typically applied at 50 microns. Although still in demand, nickel conductive paint has been largely superseded by copper conductive paint.

Copper-based paints applied at 25 microns, are today the most popular shielding paint as the paint provides a better finish and performance over nickel paint.

Silver-based paint although slightly more expensive, is highly conductive and applied at only 10 microns. Silver conductive paint is ideal where that extra level of performance is required, such as in the defence sector.

Cosmetic Finishing

By applying a surface coating, the colour, feel, wear resistance and perceived value of a product can be enhanced. Increasingly OEMs are recognising these benefits and specifying functional and decorative coatings to differentiate and add value to their products.

ACT’s dedicated business unit can help customers choose the best paint and finish for their requirements. Both solvent and water-based paints are available and can be applied to most engineering polymers. As a result, ACT paints a wide range of plastic parts and components and serves virtually any sector that uses plastic parts and requires a cosmetic finish, including, white goods,  audio, lighting, washroom equipment, furniture, and medical and laboratory equipment.

ACT’s business unit and facility is geared to providing all products with a superior finish. Technical competence and extensive quality control ensure that all components reach the customer with the quality of cosmetic finish they expect.

Cosmetic Finishing

Automotive Finishing

ACT can meet the demands of the automotive sector for low and high volume production runs and provides coatings and services to some of Europe’s most recognisable automotive brands, including BMW, JLR, and Volvo.

Whether supplied through our manual finishing for small volumes, or robotics for high volume requirements, we apply the same level of service and support to every production run.

Coatings are applied for interior and exterior trim and range from single-coat finishes to more complex 3-coat gloss finishes. Examples of current parts coated, include:

Dashboard air vent bezels painted in metallic silver
Name badges painted in ‘Atlas Chrome’ for exterior trim
Dashboard and door trim components painted in standard colour ranges

ACT currently operates 3 robotic spraying lines. Each line includes IR or Thermal curing capabilities and has dedicated 2k mixing technology. The latest line was commissioned in 2015 and incorporates the latest ABB robot and de-ionising unit. It has been designed to spray water-based paints to parts up to 1.5m in length

Automotive Finishing

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