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At Applied Weighing International Limited, we are the UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of process weighing equipment. We offer very cost effective and innovative solutions for most industrial weighing applications.

At Applied Weighing International Limited, we pride ourselves in our 20 year history of thousands of successful installations and ensure you will be provided with a reliable and high class service.

Load Cells

From titan – tension load cells to challenger bending beam load cells, we have many more assortments that can be discovered on our website.

Others include:

  • Challenger Pro Bending Beam
  • 650 Single Point
  • 610 Single Point
  • 260 Truck Load Cell
  • 640 Single Point
Load Cells

Vessel and Tank Weighing

Our extensive collection of vessel and tank weighing applications will fulfil your requirements.

From the Baby Safemount design to the Titan 95 our other products in our vessel and tank weighing range include:

  • Safemount
  • Cleanmount II
  • Clevermount II
  • Titan 90
Vessel and Tank Weighing

Control and Instrumental

We can provide a multitude of control and instrumental systems complete with various user friendly functions.

Within our stock we provide:

  • Trojan Amplifier
  • 486 Load Cell Amplifier
  • A320 vehicle weight display
  • 920i weigh controller
  • 710

Our full list of control and instrumental systems are listed in detail on our website.

Control and Instrumental

Platform Scales

At Applied Weighing, we can supply a vast range of various platform scales.

Products in our platforms scales range include:

  • Bench Platform Scales
  • Low Profile Platform Scales
  • Ultra Low Profile Platform Scales
  • Gas Lift Platform Scales
  • 'U' Frame Weigh Scales.
Platform Scales

On Board Weighing

We offer various on board weighing solutions designed to meet your requirements. We can provide a complete range of on board weighing and axle protections for commercial vehicles with more details available on our website.

On Board Weighing


Our level products come in two main categories for the measurement of liquids in tanks and vessels.

Our level product range covers:

  • Uniprobe 200 has an configurable relay to notify of a low or high level. It has a high resistance to chemicals and vibrations.
  • Uniprobe 100 has a solid state output and is sealed to IP65. The Uniprobe 100 has no moving parts and is resistant to chemicals and vibrations.

Weighing Systems and Scales

Flexible enough to suit any application, our range of scales and weighing systems are high speed and powered by the 920i process controller.

Our weighing systems can also be used for:

  • Weigh-in checks
  • The classification and sorting of items of different weights and sizes
Weighing Systems and Scales

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