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We specialise in hygienic fabrication and process design solutions for the beverage and food industries. We aim to provide hygienic fabrication and process design offering versatility and adaptation to the changing British and European manufacturing regulations.

We have a wealth of experience to guide us and are equally aware of current environmental and pressure equipment directives and offer a competent and quality service.

Process Pipework and New Vessels

We accurately and efficiently assemble process pipework and new vessels to the highest standards, hygiene and quality. Our process pipework and new vessels range from simple extensions of existing systems to complete syrup rooms.

These rooms can incorporate flow plates and a variety of ancillary equipment. We have over 28 years experience in manufacturing various new vessels and our work includes pressure vessels, atmospheric storage vessels, mixing vessels, and fermentation vessels.

Benefits and Services

Our benefits and services include our rapid service, our skilled and reliable workforce, and our extensive process knowledge.

Also our benefits and services result in the provision of storage tanks and silos, pressure vessels, process pipework, and the supply of ancillary equipment ideal for a range of projects.

Process Pipework

We offer high-quality solutions for process pipework. Our process pipework services include the effective and efficient assembly of process pipework to market leading standards.

From simple extensions of existing systems to complete syrup rooms incorporating flow plates, our service covers the complete spectrum.

New Vessels

If you require new vessels, we have over 28 years of experience in the manufacture of all models and types. For new vessels, we specialise in manufacturing small to medium sized vessels. Our comprehensive service also covers:

  • atmospheric storage vessels
  • fermentation vessels
  • mixing vessels
  • filter housings
  • pharmaceutical vessels

Filtration Skids

With our partnership with chemists and filtration specialists, we design and build filtration skids. Our filtration skids expertise covers reverse osmosis, water softeners, cryptasporidium and carbon filtration.

For more information, visit our website.

Packaging Equipment

We also specialise in a wide range of packaging equipment. We provide curing packaging equipment for plastic part manufacturers, cloth processors, conveyors, racks and filling machines.

For more information on our packaging equipment solutions, visit our website.

Cleaning Equipment

We develop and design cleaning equipment solutions.

Our cleaning equipment ranges from small mobile pilot plants to systems capable of cleaning more complex production equipment. This includes cask washers for the micro brewery through to the medium sized soft drink and brewing facilities.


Concerning inspection, we have visual and NDT systems which are in place to PCN level II for internal and consultancy requirements. We utilise our 28 years of engineering and manufacturing experience encompassing all relevant standards.

For more information on our inspection commitments, visit our website.

APS Armthorpe Process Solutions Ltd

APS Armthorpe Process Solutions Ltd has been built on a history of 25 years fabrication and quality production management experience. The current team has been established to combine a range of expertise in stainless steel vessel construction and pipework fabrication.

APS Armthorpe Process Solutions Ltd aim to provide quality products and solutions, not only to the food and beverage industry, but a wealth of other areas, like the pharmaceutical sector. Our company has rapidly grown and we are able to provide a full design and build service all from under one roof.

We provide a cost-efficient stainless steel process service and are dedicated to providing creative answers to complex manufacturing production issues.

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