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Bio-CircleTM Parts Washers are based on an aqueous system containing natural bio-cultures. Oil and grease are immediately and biologically changed by microorganisms, so the cleaning agent is continuously kept clean, considerably prolonging the life-span of the cleaning liquid. Specially designed cleaning liquids are used in these machines.

We have different parts washers to suit your workload and workshop space:

  • The Bio-CircleTM Clean Box (50L) - ideal for limited space
  • Bio-CircleTM Clean Box Flow (50L)
  • Bio-CircleTM Compact GT (90L)
  • Bio-CircleTM Maxi  GT(100L)

Parts Washer (Automatic)

A maintenance-friendly, high-pressure spray system equipped with a specialised nozzle system to provide thorough cleaning and degreasing of tools and other parts. Due to the powered rotating rack and the spray pressure, the Bio-Chem cleaners in the Hot-Water Parts Washer produce optimal cleaning. This parts washer can be used in maintenance, production, manufacturing and the service industry.

Turbo Parts Washers

An easy-to-maintain, high-pressure spray system using the Bio-CircleTM Liquid Turbo. This liquid contains natural bio-cultures so the oil and grease are immediately and biologically changed by microorganisms. The cleaning agent is continuously kept clean, considerably prolonging the life-span of the cleaning liquid. The Bio-CircleTM Turbo parts washer cleans and degreases workpieces thoroughly with its powered rotating rack and high pressure spray (4 bar). For a precise and manual cleaning, the flow brush or nozzle can be used instead of automatic cleaning. The NEW Bio-CircleTM Turbo Parts Washer uses high pressure to wash those heavily-soiled parts.

Ultrasound and Multifrequency Cleaning Machines

Ultrasound cleaning is gentle, efficient and fast, combining standard surface cleaning with the removal of contaminations from the finest pores and indentations. Models are available with tank capacities of 2.75 to 90L and basket sizes up to 545x450x250mm.

Multifrequency machines offer you the choice of strong, intensive cleaning (25kHz) or gentle, delicate cleaning (45kHz). All functions can be set via the easy-view operator control panel. In addition, the generator features a power adjustment (10-100%) with an integrated power control. Models are available with tank capacities of 22 to 215L and basket sizes up to 630x575x365mm.

Water Pipe and Heat Exchanger Cleaner

Made completely from stainless steel, the Bio-Chem Pipe and Heat Exchanger cleaning device has been specifically designed for the cleaning and rinsing of contaminated pipes, heat exchangers and coolers. If the cleaning medium Bio-Chem Power Cleaner DB is used, contaminations such as limescale and corrosion are effectively removed with simultaneous anti-bacterial effects. With the cleaning medium Bio-Chem Smoke Resin Remover DB, greases, oils and oil residues can be effectively eliminated. This device is also available for the cleaning of cooling systems of plastic injection moulding tools.

Solvent Recyclers

Solvent Recyclers recover up to 95% of dirty solvent, reducing expensive solvent purchases and hazardous waste removal costs. Uni-ram recyclers are certified to ATEX Class 1, Division 1 and Class 1, Division 2 approvals, allowing them to be installed in a paint mix room or other hazardous areas.

They operate from a 230/50/1 electrical supply.
The simple-to-use microprocessor has a on/off start button and preset temperature settings can be adjusted to suit the boiling temperature of the waste solvent. At the end of the recycling process, up to 95% of the dirty solvent is cleaned and ready to be reused. Any paint waste is baked dry and can be disposed of in a dry waste collection with permission of the local authorities.

Disposable liner bags are supplied that protect the solvent boiler drum and allow the dried paint waste to be disposed easily.

Oil & Water Separators

Extend lifetimes of cleaning/degreasing baths and cooling lubricants with the aid of an air-operated plate separator. Waste substances such as oil, grease, solvents and solids are removed from the process baths, extending the production cycles for longer.

The plate separator works on a physical basis. It benefits from the effect of gravity and coalescence for the separation of impurities from the process baths. All substances with a specific gravity that differs from that of water by 5% are separated. The contaminated bathing fluid flows through the angle profiles arranged behind one another, the lightweight droplets merge and rise to the surface and the heavier substances sink to the bottom.

Spray Gun Cleaners Solvent Based

Cleans spray guns (syphon, pressure, gravity feed) and paint containers. Automatic solvent cleaning is by 14 pressurised spray nozzles spraying onto and into the spray gun.

Health and Safety benefits:

  • CE and ATEX certified
  • Safety switch terminates cleaning cycle when the lid is raised.
  • Automatic cleaning is 'hands-free'. The operator has minimal exposure to the solvent.
  • The solvent pail is kept inside the cabinet.
  • All models have built-in venting systems for automatic fume extraction.

Environmentally friendly:

Automatic cleaning has moved ahead of cleaning by hand:

  • Cleaning spray guns is faster and easier (under 60 seconds).
  • Cleaning is 'hands-free' - less contact with the solvent.
  • Staff prefer cleaning with Uni-ram Gun Cleaners
  • Solvent consumption is lower - solvent is reused and can then be recycled.
  • Lower solvent use means lower solvent cost and lower hazardous waste removal.

Combined Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner & Solvent Recycler

The Combined Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner and Solvent Recycler 656 is an automatic solvent-based spray gun cleaner (UG6000) and a solvent recycler (URS600).

14 nozzles within the automatic spray gun cleaner spray solvent into and onto the spray gun body to remove paint contamination. After washing, 100cc of clean solvent is blown through the internal paint passageways to give a final clean before compressed air is blasted over and into the spray gun to remove excess solvent before removal from the cleaner.

After several washes, the dirty solvent can be transferred into the recycler and recycled. On completion of the recycling process, up to 95% of the solvent is returned to the spray gun cleaner. The remaining paint contaminant is baked dry so that is can be disposed of, with approval, into the dry waste collection, thus eliminating the cost of hazardous waste removal.

Spray Gun Cleaners Water Based

Using high pressure water, the wash gun cleans the paint passageways inside the spray gun and a flow-through cleaning brush removes paint from the outside of the spray gun body. Finally, an air gun dries the cleaned spray gun and a spray out verifies a clean paint passageway.

  • AQUA-KLEEN PGC is a cleaning concentrate that is added to the water to enhance the cleaning effect on spray guns. The spray guns are cleaned faster and the non-corrosive cleaning solution effectively cuts and dissolves paint, enhancing the cleaning power of water and significantly reducing the cleaning effort. It is also rust inhibiting.
  • COAG-KLEEN FP is a flocculant which removes the absorbed waste paint solids from the water that has been used to clean spray guns. The clean recovered water can be reused several times before disposal. The separated paint waste, when dry, is then disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Parts Cleaning Liquids

The liquids used in Bio-CircleTM parts washers are aqueous Bio-CircleTM Liquids that provide for user-friendly, eco-friendly and economical parts washing. They clean without any solvents or cold cleaners to dissolve processing oils, cutting coolants, anti-corrosion products, light greases and similar contaminations as well as particle contaminations.

All Bio-CircleTM Liquids are VOC free and are dermatologically tested to protect your employees and are also NSF (Nonfood Compounds Program) listed. The liquids are ready for use and can clean all materials from plastics to steel. Bio-CircleTM Liquids have a bath lifetime that is up to four times longer than regular cold cleaners, creating high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

There are several high-performance Bio-CircleTM Liquids available for optimum results in parts washing:

  • Bio-CircleTM Liquid
  • Bio-CircleTM Liquid Heavy Duty
  • Bio-CircleTM Liquid Aluminium
  • Bio-CircleTM Liquid Ultra
  • Bio-CircleTM Liquid Turbo
  • Bio CircleTM Blue

Industrial Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are indispensable in all sectors of industry, trade and leisure. In the metalworking industry, cleaning ranges from routine servicing and maintenance to applications using automatic cleaning and degreasing machines. At anytime you can unexpectedly require degreasing of oil and grease contaminations, even in the food/electronics/plastics or automotive industries. Safe cleaning is required in order to meet the high safety and quality requirements of each industry section.

Most of our industrial cleaners are VOC-free or VOC-reduced and the majority of those available for use in the food industry are NSF (Nonfood Compounds Listed) listed.

Acidic cleaners:

  • cleaners that contain acidic components.
  • used to remove rust, moss, algae and limescale and to dissolve deposits from metallic surfaces
  • e.g. E-NOX-I, Power Cleaner 100, 200 & DB

Neutral cleaners:

  • alkaline or acid free cleaning agents
  • used to remove oil and grease where consideration for the human skin is required
  • e.g. Bio-Rust, Bio-CircleTM Liquid & Liquid Ultra, Alu-Star 100, Star 100, FT 100, Uno S

Alkaline cleaners:

  • cleaning agents that contain alkaline components
  • mainly used to remove grease, oil and protein residues
  • e.g. FT 100, Uno S, Alu-Star 200 & 300, CB 100, Star 200 & 300, Smoke Resin Remover

Dual Water and Solvent Based Spray Gun Cleaners

One side features the UM120W (water-based cleaning system) and the other features the UG4000DVM (automatic solvent-based cleaning system). The UM5000W model is ideal for the larger workshop with multiple spray guns that require cleaning.

AQUA-KLEEN PGC and COAG-KLEEN FP (see above) included with this Uni-ram combined spray gun cleaner.

Spares and Accessories

Whether you need to replace a broken part or just thinking ahead for the future, our spare parts and accessories range is just what you need.

We have a wide range of spares and accessories for Bio-Circle PartsTM Washers, Uniram Spray Gun Cleaners and Uniram Solvent Recyclers. 

They will allow you to replace or upgrade old parts or customise your machines to suit your working demands and maximise your cleaning potentials.

Service and repair

Aqua-Solv Solutions Ltd is the UK sales and service centre for Bio-CircleTM bioremediation parts cleaners and Uni-ram environmentally-friendly paint shop equipment.

Parts washers and spray gun cleaners require regular cleaning and service to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. Service intervals are dependent on your usage of the machine and we can offer you service intervals to suit your work demands.


Servicing will include:

  •  Health and Safety check
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Operational check of all control systems
  • Cleaning or replacement of all consumable items when required
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