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At Aquacair Ltd, we will provide a professional legionella risk assessment service to control and manage the colonisation of legionella bacteria.

With over a decade of experience, our legionella risk assessments come with reliable cost effective and practical recommendations to ensure water operation safety within the commercial, school and healthcare systems covering many water features.

Aquacair Ltd

Here at Aquacair Ltd, we provide a cleaning and consultancy service for:

  • Building managers
  • Maintenance companies
  • Environmental consultants

We carry our several assessments in the workplace that ensure health, safety and productivity is maintained to a high standard in the working environment. And here at Aquacair Ltd, we also have a professional maintenance and cleaning department.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys are part of our services and we will offer you personal guidance on the management or removal of asbestos on your site.

Our asbestos surveys will include:

  • Material assessment
  • Location plans
  • Sample analysis results

Legionella Management

As part of our legionella management scheme, Aquacair Ltd will undertake system risk assessments and sampling for legionella bacteria, coli forms and pseudomonas.

Our legionella management can be carried out in many processes including:

  • Domestic water systems
  • Showers
  • Dental water systems
  • Industrial processes
  • Spas and cooling towers

Ventilation Hygiene

We will provide a ventilation hygiene assessment for compliance with cleanliness standards and to ensure you have a safer environment.

Our quality air sensors will monitor particulate contamination and overall assess your ventilation hygiene in terms of:

  • Air quality
  • System condition
  • Dust and microbe analysis
  • Air intake
  • Ductwork discharge

Cleaning and Maintenance

With over 20 years of experience in specialist cleaning and maintenance, we can provide you with a full hygienic service that ensures your kitchen extract system operates safely and hygienically.

Our team of technicians are very aware of the strict standards expected in the healthcare sector, so whatever your requirements we assure you, Aquacair Ltd has cleaning and maintenance services you can rely on.

Ductwork Cleaning

We offer a professional ductwork cleaning service using negative air pressure and rotary brushes or compressed air lines.

We can install factory made access panels as part of our ductwork cleaning service if required and provide a post clean report with before and after photographs for your benefit.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Our expert kitchen extract cleaning service ensures you will meet all of the necessary fire safety regulations and our assessment will reveal any recommendations regarding access points we feel may be deemed suitable.

Our kitchen extract cleaning is carried out underHVCA TR19 standards and verified with a comprehensive report including before and after photographs.

Specialist Cleaning

Aquacair’s specialist cleaning abilities ensures you are provided with a professional service, every time.

We have the experience and expertise to maintain exceptional standards of specialist cleaning in critical environments.

Water System Cleaning

We believe regular water system cleaning is certainly required to prevent many contaminants from forming and spreading causing further problems.

During water system cleaning, we can we can treat, paint and seal any corrosion of metal tanks and install lids, vents and screens to ensure the tanks are compliant with the approved code of practice.

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