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A dedicated, knowledgeable UK team, backed by a global materials science organisation. Meet the people, the company and the values that make Aquilar the complete leak detection provider.

Aquilar are specialists in oil, chemical, water and refrigerant detection.

Leak Detection

Leaks threaten the environment, people, equipment and your business.
They are inevitable in today’s technically complex environments. It’s something you have to contend with and plan for.

They can be disastrous if not discovered quickly. They may do a lot of damage and be difficult to clean up – even dangerous.

However, if detected quickly, a leak serves timely warning that critical equipment is starting to fail. Fast action at an early stage can limit damage and interruption of service.

The bottom line is: a high performance leak detection system is a smart investment.

Our leak detection equipment falls generally into two divisions. Though their technologies are broadly similar, their applications are more specific to the industry in which they are utilised.

Commercial buildings applications and technologies Industrial / Environmental Protection applications and technologies

This hub allows you to drill down through commercial or industrial applications to check out common configurations and layouts. There are clickable links to the main technologies involved.

If at any time you wish to browse by product, visit our On-line Resource Centre. From there you can also make contact with our support team, check out FAQs and submit your own questions.

Water Leak Detection

Water – in the right place – is our most important commodity but water leaks, in the wrong place at the wrong time can damage a business in a big way. What seems like an insignificant problem can cost millions when it comes to lost computer data, downed telecommunications switches, damaged files, ruined works of art, or water-soaked rare books. Personnel safety can be threatened by roof leaks in buildings, or by fire from water-caused electrical short circuits

Think of water detection like an insurance policy: you spend a little money now to protect yourself for serious expense in the future. Do you really want to arrive at the office some Monday morning and find 2 cm of water on the floor and no computers or telephones? These unfortunate situations are still too common and TraceTek from Tyco Thermal Controls is still the best preventive measure you can take.

Water Leak Detection

Oil Leak Detection

When containment is optional, but detection is not.

Legislative regimes in Europe lag far behind those of the USA. For example, in some states it will soon be mandatory for pipelines to be cable protected, and the financial consequences of a leak or spill on an unprotected facility will be enormously punitive. Oil leak detection will become a priority.

Measures such as these, for all aspects of fuel and hydrocarbon processing, storage and transportation, are inevitably making their way across to Europe.

Aquilar is committed to playing its part in preparing the oil-related industries for this legislation. Drawing on TraceTek’s worldwide applications experience and Raychem’s R & D heritage, the company is committed to being at the leading edge of leak detection technology. By developing “built-in” design solutions for oil leak and spill monitoring and detection, customer costs can be kept to a minimum.

Oil Leak Detection

Chemical Leak Detection

If your business involves chemicals or hazardous wastes, the protection of your people, processes, assets and environment is your responsibility and concern which means that chemical leak detection is a priority.

Danger to life and property apart, cleanup operations and downtime can be expensive, litigious, and damaging to your reputation and you may have only one chance to provide early detection and warning of a catastrophic chemical leak.

Acids, bases and aqueous chemical leakage detection and monitoring can all be taken care of by the installation of Tracetek and Aquitron monitoring cables and sensors. Raychem - TraceTek cable technology will give you the appropriate level of aqueous chemical leak protection plus water, oil and refrigerant gas detection equipment can also be installed as a combined full leak detection system.

Chemical Leak Detection

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Refrigerant gas leak detection has become a high priority for many companies in this environmentally sensitive age, especially considering the increasing price of refrigerant gas, not to mention emergency service call-out costs to find, detect and repair leaks of freon, HFC's HCFC's, plus the wasted man-hours that can be incurred. Installation of refrigerant gas leak detectors is becoming an increasingly vital concern in today's workplace. When you couple that to the depleting ozone layer, it becomes apparent that it is everyone's responsibility to prevent further damage to the environment.

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

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