Arc Energy Resources Ltd.

The directors of Arc Energy Resources Ltd. recognise that in these days of "just-in-time" manufacturing philosophies it is necessary for a supplier of services to be able both to respond rapidly to customers requirements and to be flexible to customers changing needs.

The company’s work ethic consequently reflects these demands - a rapid, efficient and flexible response to customer needs, backed up by a team rich in technical and practical resources.

Quality assurance is important to the Company strategy - the need to provide services to our customers specification and on time. Work is processed through the workshops under a quality regime which is certified to BS EN 9002.

The significant investment made both in equipment and personnel underlines the Company’s commitment to the provision of a product of the highest quality.

Successfull implementation of these policies has led to the recent expansion of the Company into premises three times larger than the original site.

The processes and equipment used represent the culmination of a combined hands-on experience in development and use in excess of 100 years. It is considered that this, together with an ongoing research programme, will provide significant benefits to the market.

As a customer of Arc Energy Resources you can be assured of the best personal attention to your requirements

Arc Energy Resources Ltd. Overview