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Aremco Products over many years have been manufacturing a range of products to offer security to domestic and commercial premises.  All products have been used extensively throughout the United Kingdom winning strong approval from local authorities, architects, major insurance companies and civil engineers.  The company's manufacturing processes are quality controlled to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Aremco are conveniently based within the West Midlands area and supply products throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

All products are supplied with detailed installation instructions.

 Products include:-

  • Parking Posts
  • Mild Steel Bollards
  • Telescopic Bollards
  • Anti Ram Raid Telescopic Bollards
  • Manual Traffic Barriers
  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Crash Barriers
  • Height Restriction Barriers

Car Parking Posts

Aremco Products manufacture a variety of Car Parking Posts which suit a variety of applications from reserving individual parking spaces to a visual deterrent to restrict access to forecourts.

Car Parking Posts:-


Aremco's selection of Bollards are suitable for a variety of locations and applications.  These consist of Heavyweight Bollards and Buckingham Bollards (as shown in photograph).

Bollards include:-

  • Removable
  • Rigid

Telescopic Mole Post

The Mole Post is a low cost solution for providing effective security for a variety of applications, garage forecourts, drives and car parks.  It can also be used for site demarcation i.e. cordoning off areas

Anti Ram Raid Telescopic Post

The Anti Ram Raid Post is an extremely strong post and is very effective in protecting warehouses, shops, stores and property and against ram-raiders.  It has been approved by both Police and Local Government Authorities and recommended by Insurance Companies.

Sectional Steel Barrier

This easily installed cost effective Barrier is designed to suit low speed applications.  This system has been extensively used in car parks, on forecourts, inside industrial warehousing complexes, and around school playing fields.

Untensioned Safety Fencing

Untensioned Safety Fencing is widely used in installations such as roadside verges (excluding motorways, dual carriageways and national speed limited highways), slip roads, industrial estates and car parks.  It is designed to both protect areas from damage by passing vehicles and to smoothly re-direct traffic onto a course as near as possible parallel to the barrier if out of control.


The gates that Aremco Products manufacture are designed to restrict access to Car Parks.

Gate types are:-

Height Restriction Barrier

This Barrier restricts the size of vehicles allowed into certain areas such as lorries and heavy-duty vehicles into car parks.

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