Argon Services

We have been established since 1986 as a sub contract welding facility to the UHV industry. We have developed into a business that now manufactures bespoke vacuum chambers and vacuum vessels.

Our vacuum chambers and instruments are made for the ultra-high end vacuum, medical and pharmaceutical industry. We have developed a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of vacuum chambers and their associated instruments. We can offer them in a range of materials. We can also machine components in any ferrous or non ferrous materials.

Mu Metal Vacuum Chambers

We are able to manufacture Mu metal vacuum chambers as well as other materials including stainless steel and Inconnel. We have committed to giving you the best service possible and at a competitive price.

We have specialist knowledge and experience in manufacturing Mu metal vacuum chambers and vacuum chambers. We have experience in welding, helium leak testing as well as component manufacturing and machining. We can machine components in ferrous and non-ferrous materials including tantalum, niobium and molybdenum.

We also offer full instrument assembly where we can manufacture, assemble, helium leak test, baked and tested to your specification.

Mu Metal Vacuum Chambers

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