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We supply flow wrapping machinery to many large, multi-national companies and to a range of locations across the world. Our flow wrapping machinery can pack personal care goods, confectionary, medical and bakery products.

We have over 15 years experience of delivering quality machinery and all of them are built to strict engineering standards. They are and produced expert engineers with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and reliability.

Doyen 4 side seal machine

Doyen 4 side seal machine re-built using the latest servo control technology, product inspection system to reject any products with critical defects. Centre line or Datum edge machine variants with or with out skip seal, Chevron cross seal jaws option.

We can modify your existing machine to a two cross seal unit with one cross cut unit for higher speeds and a also double sealing for more difficult materials to seal.

Doyen 4 side seal machine

Auto-wrapper re-built machines

Auto-wrapper Re-built machines available, fully servo controlled options.

Rockwell and Omron print registration upgrade options to your existing machinery.

Redpack flow wrapper rebuilds

Redpack flow wrapper upgrades and re-builds.

Rockwell and Omron print registration upgrades available to your existing machines.

Re-built Flow Wrappers

We offer re-built flow wrappers like the MK 1 V-Flow model equipped with 3 or 4 axis electronic wrapping. Our re-built flow wrappers mean quality lasts longer and we can save money on re-builds rather than spending money on new machines.

We have also improved the MK 1 E-tronic V-Flow and size change is now quick and easy. The E-tronic can be supplied in manual, semi-auto and automatic form.

Re-built Flow Wrappers

Medical Packaging

Our medical packaging machines include the R200 four-sided seal machine that employs the principles of the pillow pack continuous motion machine.

Our medical packaging machines have separate tension arms and the product is fed at the correct pitch between the two webs. They consist of 2 rollers, one upper roller and one lower at both edges.

Medical Packaging

Re-built flow wrapping machines

Our re-built flow wrapping machines come with the same warranty and support as any of our new machinery. We can re-build flow wrapping machines and upgrade them using new control technology.

We have a range of machinery spares, size parts available to customers and we provide full support on site.

Re-built flow wrapping machines

Manufacture of Product Feeders

We are also manufacturers of product feeders. They can handle a variety of products automatically and load the products directly onto the flow wrapper in feed.

As a manufacture of product feeders we can dramatically decrease labour requirements and our customers benefit from fast payback on investment.

Spares and On-Site Service

We have a spares and on-site service to supply parts for auto-wrapper Versoflow, Redpack Pacer and Rose Forgrove.

We are always ready to take your call and help you with queries or problems you may have and to respond to your needs for spares and on-site service .

Machinery Hire

We offer machinery hire to cover short or medium periods of time to help you at the peak of your production demands.

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