Arms Tech Ltd.

Sheet Metal Work Sub Contract

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ARMS TECH LTD For all your Rubber - Foam - Plastic and Metalwork needs, either Moulded, Extruded or Fabricated... A Solution Will Be Found!!!

All types of Rubber Mouldings and Foams for all Industrial applications, including Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and Off-shore.

A forefront supplier to many Blue Chip companies in the Industrial, Medical, and Electronic fields, many of our Customers come back again and again with new models and period updates, thus proving or worthiness in to days demanding technical market place.

Using our network of several small specialist companies with a wide range of skills, we are able to stay focused on each aspect of a project and not compromise on detail, as happens when all skills are put under one roof. This promotes good health project debates and conclusions, leading to good sound solutions for your products :

  • Silicone, Flourosilicone and General Rubber Mouldings -
  • Aviation, Medical, Electronic, Industrial
  • Keypads, Bellows, Gaskets -
  • Medical Devices, Electronics, Aviation
  • Special Coatings, Parylene, Lazer Etching, Screen Printing -
  • Military, Medical, Electronic
  • Tubing Extrusions and General Rubber Profiles -
  • Medical, Industrial
  • Steel Fabrications in All Metals, General Sheet metal -
  • Atomic Energy, Marine, Industrial,
  • Gaskets & Seals, Self Adhesive -
  • Automotive, Industrial
  • Injection Mouldings -
  • All Industries
  • Rotational Mouldings -
  • Marine, Industrial
  • Filtration -
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Packaging -
  • Electronic, Specials
  • Isulation Automotive, -
  • Heating & Ventilation, Industrial

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