Arrow OEM Computing Solutions

With over 70 years of industry expertise, Arrow Electronics is one of the world's largest distributors of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, and a leading provider of service to the electronics industry.

In addition to our vast range of Semiconductor products and electronic components Arrow Embedded Solutions, a division of Arrow Electronics, specialises in a range of electronic sub-systems from display products, touch screen, keypads, memory storage, embedded software, wireless modules, power supplies, embedded onboard and single board computers from some of the best manufacturers in the world. The pan-European AES portfolio has been especially selected to serve high growth sectors in the electronics industry.

  • Microsoft Embedded Software
  • Wireless Modules and Accessories
  • Displays
  • Power Supply Units
  • Industrial Computer Products


Embedded Software - Microsoft Windows CE, XP Embedded, XP Pro

Embedded Systems are increasingly using high level operating systems (OS) to deliver the rich functionality required. Microsoft’s Windows Embedded product line provides time-to-market advantage with the best set of technology, tools and resources to fast track your embedded project. Arrow can help you to select the Windows Embedded OS which best fits your needs, whether it be a hard real time application, or an embedded PC device requiring the full functionality of Windows XP or Vista

Wireless Modules - GSM/GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, ZigBee, GPS, Antennas

Wireless Technology is finding its way into a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. OEMs are discovering integration of remote monitoring, logging and control provides huge cost savings, whilst at the same time, enabling new and exiting features. Embedded Modules offer the opportunity to incorporate the advantage of wireless features with minimal knowledge required of the underlying radio technology protocols and certifications. Arrow Embedded Solutions offer end product certified modules covering the popular machine to machine (M2M) wireless communication protocols including GSM/GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, ZigBee/802.15.4 and GPS. Arrow Embedded Solutions also offers a range of complementing RF accessories and antennas.

Displays - 

LCDs have become an integral part of our life. Just about every man machine interface can be achieved with an LCD. Arrow Embedded Solutions is a leading supplier of displays and can offer an extensive range of options from leading manufacturers. Alphanumeric displays are a simple effective way of displaying text and numerical information. Graphics modules allow you to create your own text, symbols and graphics. Colour TFT's allow you to display; text, moving graphics and video with vivid colours and high contrast. Arrow can support you with all these technologies and not just from a component level. We can help you find a total solution that will differentiate your product in the market.

Industrial Computer Products -

Time to market is critical to your products success. With this in mind more and more companies are looking to Industrial motherboards or embedded boards to help achieve this. Arrow offer a comprehensive range of standard Industrial Motherboards and Computer On Modules from leading suppliers. We can supply Industrial Motherboards that follow popular ATX and ITX formats. Arrow’s range of Computer on Modules (COMs) are highly integrated component SBCs that support application-specific design. The selection includes COM Express™ and ETX® compatible foot print modules supporting PCI, PCI Express™ and ISA bus. We can help you find a total solution that will differentiate your product in the market.

Power Supply Units - 

Virtually all electronic components and systems need stabilised power to operate. Arrows’ position as #1 PSU distributor worldwide allows us to offer reliable power from the AC socket right to where it’s needed on the board - AC to IC - from the worlds leading PSU manufacturers. We have AC/DC covered - from 5 Watts to 7000 Watts, internal, external, PCB mount, chassis mount, digitally controlled, hot swap - also medically approved. DC/DC converters from under 1 Watt to 100s of Watts - isolated, non-isolated, board mount, chassis mount. Our extensive stocks can help you get your product to market quickly, reliably, and give you the competitive edge

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