Artificial Flowers Ltd


Artificial Flowers Ltd is a family run business based in Blackpool that specialises in modern and contemporary artificial flowers, silk flowers and vases. In addition to retailing to the general public, they also provide services to other business such as event organizers, wedding planners, hotels, restaurants and interior designers and many others. 

Nylon Flowers

Artificial Flowers is probably the leading online supplier of nylon artificial flowers in the UK. Also known as net flowers, gossamer flowers or stocking flowers, these flowers were once popular in the middle of the last century.  With the modern dying techniques available today they have become popular once again. All the nylon flowers are individually hand made and are available in a range of different styles with 30 colour variations.

Silk Flowers

Artificial Flowers stock and supply only the finest silk flowers from across the world that are of superior quality and detail in comparison  to those found in most leading home furnishing stores in the UK.  Choose from many popular colours and styles that include silk roses, silk poppies, silk lilys and more. A variety of sizes are available from large designs that are ideal for focal points in any room or venue right down to small table decoration arrangements that are very popular in restaurants and hotels costing only a few pounds per unit.

Glazed Flowers

Glazed flowers are relatively new to the UK. These flowers are hand made by forming the petals from floral wire and then dipping in dyed resin which creates a visually stunning stained glass effect when set. Not only do glazed flowers look great but they also have a very pleasant natural fragrance created by the resins that are used to manufacture them. These flowers can be used as they are or combined with one of our smaller vases to create a unique table decoration

Modern and Contemporary Vases

Artifical Flowers boasts some of most stylish modern and contemporary vase designs available today. With the exception of the glass vases, all vases are designed with decoration only or artificial flower display in mind. This means that the vases can be manufactured from glazed ceramic rather than porcelain at a fraction of the cost without any compromise on quality or durability. Despite the broad range of sizes and styles, almost all the vases are available at a price point less than £10 where similar designer branded items would cost in excess of £100

Artificial Flowers by Colour

The popularity of modern and contemporary artificial and silk flowers has grown tremendously in recent years due to changing trends in interior design both in the home and the workplace. The traditional approach to interior design where colour and texture was provided through the use of wall and floor coverings, and window dressings is in decline.

Today, the minimalistic approach to interior design is growing, and colours and textures are being provided by soft furnishings and decorative "feature point" items which includes artificial flowers and vases. This is the focus of our business. 

Artificial Flowers can supply nylon flowers in 30 colours and the silk ranges in all of the colours that are popular in interior design at the current time. Currently our Pink Artificial Flowers and Red Artificial flowers are setting the trend for 2012

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