Ash Mouldings UK Ltd


Manufacturer of polyurethane seals and mouldings and supplies of the following:-

Bottling seals, canning seals, end face seals, engine test seals, forging and press seals, hydraulic seals, pipe and tube test seals, and components of balls, bottle grippers, coupling bushes, diaphragms, rollers, scrapers and all types of gland packing supplies.

Materials, acetal, arnitel, hytrel, nitrile, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, epdm, ptse and viton. Industries supplied; automotive, bottling, canning, fluid/mechanical handling, steel, water treatment and many more.

Ash Mouldings UK are custom moulders who manufacture and supply to customers specific needs, offering technical support from development to production from 1 off to 1,000 off.

Introducing our Boat - Mooring - Pontoon and docking fenders;

Scraper Blades for Marine and Oil

Ships actuator seals and kits, Sub-sea well head protection caps. from development and design through to production.


Body carrying blocks, door sling blocks, rollers, suspension bushes, non-standard components.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

We specialise in injection and cast moulding non-standard seals up to 2 metres in diameter, with assistance in design and development.

General Mouldings and Components

With our ability to cast polyurethanes and injection mould, we are able to manufacture a vast range of mouldings and components in varying materials from design and development through to production of 1 offs and thousands.
Incorporating insert moulding and plastic to metal bonding.


Polyurethanes, Hytrel, Arniter, HDPE, Polyproylene, Acetal, Nylon's, ABS, TPR and more.


Marine, Oil, Water Treatment, Chemical, Steel, Civil Engineering, Food, Mechanical Handling, Fluid Handling, Textile, Packaging and many more.

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