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AMI - Is you one stop shop for making your business successful online.

Greater internet presence, conveying a faster & more effective message to your customers and helping drive more traffic and business to your website is our strengths here at AMI Ltd.

Our team consists of individuals who have worked at the top level of their specialist areas. Our media director has over 16 years experience in video production worldwide, mostly for industry.

We have a website designer who has worked for the leading online site in the UK for industry. Creating stunning looking websites for our clients with excellent use ability and SEO rankings.

The marketing director has also worked for the leading online sites in the UK for industry, gaining a thorough understanding of how best to promote companies within industry.

We have three main areas which are keeping our clients ahead of the competition.

Video Production Services

Corporate video production

A corporate video is now one of the best ways to market and communicate your company message quicker to your target audience. You can use a corporate video to explain the structure of your business, allowing potential customers to do their due diligence online. We offer a full corporate video production service, from initial brief to end product.

Property video production

AMI offer expert property tours in high definition for residential and commercial sales. Highlight your property features and location so your vendors can view them from the comfort of their chair. Our property video productions help encourage qualified viewings, which helps increase property exposure. Purchases are now wasting less time as they are receiving the right type of people.

Training video services

We provide training videos which can be a useful tool for your business in helping educate and motivate staff, inform end users and stakeholders. Bespoke training videos can provide key messages for the following:

- Sales guidance
- Team building
- Health and safety procedures
- Staff induction and management skills

Our training videos can help improve the efficiency of a business, increase productivity with consistently delivering important information.

Exhibition video production

Having an exhibition video produced is a great way in making your business stand out in a crowd. Our exhibitions videos come with TV loops and impressive functional menu's which gives your company the tools to really showcase your products/services. Exhibition videos help pull in and attract potential buyers, engaging people within a visual presentation about your company. We can supply your video in HD, on DVD or Blu-Ray to have on a large exhibition screen or laptop to impress decision makers.

Testimonial video production

Nothing helps sell your company better than having your existing clients recommend other prospective customers about the benefits of doing business with your company. Testimonial videos seriously help with giving credibility to companies along with being that final persuading deal clincher.

Promotional website video

Having a promotional website video produced is now one of the best strategies used by companies in promoting informative and attractive propositions to their intended audience. A professional promotional video helps customers grasp a message with ease, capturing a viewers attention quickly in order to generate additional interest.

Demonstrational video

Your company can use a product demonstrational video to impress, inform and excite new customers, by visually demonstrating the benefits of your product. Why not showcase your latest range of products? Visually describe and present the uniqueness of your product and watch those sales figures climb.

Short impact web video

The short impact web video is an affordable option we give to our customers. Designed especially to have that high impact when someone comes on to your website or networking site. Typical productions can be from 30 seconds to 1 minute in length, giving prospective customers a taster of what to expect from your company.
Post production editing services

We provide a full post production service to help out at any of the several stages of production.

- Post production filming
- Post production editing
- Script writing and development
- Recording and audio editing
- Adding titling and graphics or special affects and captions

DVD authoring services

AMI offer an affordable professional DVD video authoring service. You may be looking for a DVD to include a functional menu or TV loop for exhibitions or presentations. The DVD menu's can include moving backgrounds or just a still back depending on your requirements.

Video Production Services

Video Portfolio Library

Please view our extensive video portfolio range which is available on our website

  • Electronics company video
  • Engineering company video
  • Manufacturing company video
  • Test and measurement video
  • Design & consultancy company video
  • Property tour examples
  • Tourism & leisure video examples
  • Science & technology
  • Educational video examples

We have invested in the latest video production equipment and software which makes a big difference to the outcome of a final video production.

Video Portfolio Library

Website Design Services

Our strength areas are designing, building and marketing websites for industry. AMI have a proven track record of producing fantastic looking websites for our clients at affordable prices. Our sites have good usability and Google rankings.

  • Custom website design
  • Website multimedia services
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Search engine optimisation

Website Portfolio

Marketing Services

The AMI team offer affordable ways and strategies to improve your online presence. We can offer your company a free analyse for your website and online marketing needs. What sets us apart from other media companies is that we we actually listen and do our best to understand the pains you go through in bringing your product or service to market.
Once we have a thorough knowledge of what your looking to achieve, we are quite happy to demonstrate how we can make your company successful online.

We have a number of tools at our disposal which we share with our clients. This really helps our clients as they can then view what similar companies are doing to gain favourable rankings and high levels of enquiries.
Our aim is to ethically get your company as high up on the search engine rankings as possible for the right key areas, along with being linked into the right sites. We can then make sure that the look and usability of your site is converting as much as possible website traffic into enquiries and business.

The proof really is in the pudding with us!

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