Assettrac Ltd

Do you need an old asset register updating or a new one creating? Our team of specialist auditors will tag and log all your equipment in a few days, producing a spreadsheet of all your items including replacement costs if needed. We can then move it into a cloud based program where you can add, edit, move, and dispose assets whenever you like, 24/7on your PC, smart phone or dedicated barcode scanner terminal.

ASSETtrac Ltd is a specialist provider of asset tracking systems, integrating tags, scanners, and software, with an off the shelf or customised solution.

Don't waste time looking online for labels, then mobile devices, or software. Get an end to end solution linking all three to automate all your paper based processes. We'll even design labels to customised requirements, and provide a full technical service and data backed up daily to preserve your records.

Take up our FREE Consultancy Service and we will...

  • Analyse your information and potential label or microchip needs
  • Offer a no obligation onsite visit or a webinar to see the system working in real time
  • Respond quickly with a set of recommendations and pricing
  • Make some suggestions to...
  • minimise the costs of tracking and auditing your organisation’s assets
  • remove paper from booking assets to and from locations
  • automate field inspections on hand held computers

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IT Asset Management

IT departments are often the most asset rich departments in your organisation, with responsibilities for buying, commissioning, repairing and disposing. The latest asset management technology is the most cost-effective way to keep track of your ICT equipment, stay compliant with regulations, and conduct audits.

Asset Registration

An asset can be anything you own, from a fixed object such as a smoke alarm or an emergency exit in your building, to moveable items in categories such as IT, AV, furniture, catering, medical, science, music, and sports equipment, even trees and tote boxes. We can even help you track people and clinical samples too!

Barcode Scanners and PDAs

There are thousands of different types of Barcode terminals, Asset scanners, RFID readers and PDAs. We save you time by recommending the system that is most appropriate for your needs and your budget.

Asset Management Software

Whether you’re looking for a low cost hand-held machine to track your assets or an enterprise-wide web-based approach – we can help you manage your physical property with an asset tracking system.

Assettrac Ltd Overview