Assetware Technology Ltd

Assetware Technology is a specialist provider of Fixed Asset Management Solutions. Supplying both large and small clients since 1987; our solutions and services are designed to improve your fixed asset life-cycle management, reducing the time and money spent managing your assets.

Assetware has developed a sophisticated, flexible asset management solution enabling clients to quickly and effectively account, manage and track their assets.

Assetware Manager fully conforms to numerous accounting standards including IAS and IFRS and is accredited by the ICAEW.

Assetware Tracker allows clients to physically track the movement of assets within the business through the use of barcode scanning technology.

Our consultancy services include, process reviews and physical asset inventory.

As asset management specialists with years of experience and thousands of clients, we recognise the importance of being a supplier that understands your business and always remembers that the customer comes first.

Assetware Technology Ltd Overview