Associated Pallets Ltd.

Associated Pallets Ltd, have an extensive range of pallets including their new wooden pallets which are ready for distribution throughout the UK.

Associated Pallets impressive stock list means that they are able to provide customers with a quick response and supply service. Bespoke specification orders for new pallets can usually arrive to you within two days. Further stock models include:

  • Heat treated Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Pallet Collars & Boxes
  • New and Used Wooden Pallets

Pallet Collars

Associated Pallets supply new and used pallet collars.

All new pallet collars are pre heat-treated and set for exportation. Materials are sourced at very low costs, allowing Associated Pallets to share these savings with their customers. Orders of any size are considered gratefully and can be dispatched on the day of order. Specifications include:

  • Pallet collar 1200 x 800 x 200mm
  • Pallet collar 1200 x 1000 x 200mm
  • Pallet collar 1200 x 1200 x 200mm
  • Pallet collar 1000 x 800 x 200mm
Pallet Collars


Plastic Crates, also known as 'Dolavs' are available new and used through Associated Pallets.

UK standard and European standard Dolavs are available and the extensive range includes:

  • BBG 1210
  • BBG 1208
  • KLK 1208K
  • KLG 1208K (with wheels)

All models are manufactured to a particularly high standard and this strong, yet lightweight range of Dolavs can be delivered to all UK destinations.


Heat Treated Pallets

If you are looking to choose from a wide selection of heat treated pallets and wooden packaging products, then look no further than Associated Pallets. We will even heat treat your wooden packaging products. Collecting, heat treating and returning to your premises. 

As well as heat treated pallets, Associated Pallets also have the following heat treated products available in large stock quantities:

  • Pallet collars
  • Pallet boxes
  • Timber
Heat Treated Pallets

Plastic Pallets

New and used plastic pallets are available to order and are collected and supplied nationwide by Associated Pallets Ltd.

Plastic pallets are suitable for numerous applications and if you require your products in a hurry then you could receive your order within a day if you choose the same day dispatch delivery option.

Plastic Pallets

Pallets Purchased and Collected

Associated Pallets are a registered waste carrier and can ease the problems of disposing of your materials if they are in a decent condition.

Pallets can be purchased and collected and paid for by Associated Pallets. As well as pallets being purchased and collected, the following materials and products are also considered:

  • Pallet collars
  • Plastic bins
  • Plastic crates

Many sizes can be purchased and collected, so contact Associated Pallets for more information on 08000 288655.

Pallets Purchased and Collected

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