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Retail Auditing

Your competitors are gathering data from in-store retail audits - can you afford not to?

Working in collaboration with both retailers and manufacturers/suppliers, Assosia are able to provide full in-store monitoring and compliance services to meet your exact needs.

Our Services

  • Retail Audits
  • Retail Analysis
  • Promotional Compliance
  • On Shelf Availability Studies
  • Retailer Range Reviews
  • Merchandising/POS Placement
Retail Auditing

Sampling And Monitoring

For Brand Integrity and Competitor Sampling - 1 to 10,000 products – from Aberdeen to Zagreb.

Our global field force can procure any product from any country around the world. Manufacturers who supply or produce products on a global basis use these services to ensure that quality standards continue to be met regardless of where in the world the production line is.

Our Service

Sampling And Monitoring

Quality Assurance

Assosia provides independent verification that your processes and quality procedures are being followed and met - from manufacture to point of purchase and use by the consumer.

We are also able to help when things go wrong. Whether you need one associate to visit a consumer, or 3,000 associates to visit thousands of outlets, Assosia can provide you with the support and field team you need to with as little as one hours notice.

Our Services

Quality Assurance


Benchmarking helps you understand your category and how each retailer positions products within it.

With space at a premium, pricing at the forefront of everyone’s mind and some retailers opting to scale back on the number of brands it stocks within key categories, Assosia can help provide the data and statistics you need to ensure it’s your brands that do not lose out.

Our Services


Market Analysis

Assosia have been providing insight and analysis on the retail and fmcg market to clients and the industry for over six years.

Whilst the majority of our clients’ commission research exclusively for their own use, ensuring they receive only the data and reports they know will help them better plan their companies strategies, we can also offer consolidated programmes for those with a smaller budget.

Requirements for market data range from a snapshot of overall activity within a retailer, to full in-depth price and promotion tracking across key categories capturing thousands of individual sku’s.

Assosia also work with some of the worlds’ leading market research companies and consultancies, providing the initial data and resources to help deliver great availability and in-store promotional compliance.

Retail Analysis

The ever changing retail landscape, and the battle for new customers, has seen Assosia working even closer with key retail and manufacturer clients to provide insight and analysis across all retail channels, from the major multiples, discounters, cash & carry to the independents.

Our Retail Analysts are able to utilise Epos data to cross-analyse space vs sales data to provide insight into what is working within each retail sector, track and monitor promotional trends providing promotional calendars for your brands and key competitors, as well as tracking changes in product weights and prices keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Our highly experienced field teams are capturing data across thousands of stores on a weekly basis, including the ranges stocked, on-shelf availability, space allocated to each category, promotional activity and new product launches/innovation.

Assosia provide both ad-hoc and ongoing initiatives for providing Retail Analysis insight and data, allowing our clients to commission one off projects to assist with range reviews and new product development, as well as more detailed ongoing price and promotional tracking activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Promo Dynamic

Assosia have been researching and producing the weekly promotional article for The Grocer magazine since January 2006.

Promo Dynamic (formerly Promotrack in The Grocer) captures all featured space promotions on a weekly basis across Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose.  Whilst the focus for Promo Dynamic has been on the major multiples, Assosia also research and audit weekly across the convenience, independent, discounter, high street, travel, C&C/Warehouse sector providing insight and analysis across the all channels in one comprehensive report.

As well as capturing the product information from full product description, pack size, pre-promotion price, promotion price and promotional mechanic, we also record the location in store, type of equipment used for the secondary space, alongside who else is being promoted on the same fixture as you.

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