Atex Explosion Hazards Ltd.

Welcome to ATEX Explosion Hazards Limited
Is your company involved with the manufacture or handling of hazardous dust products?

70% of powders produced by industry are explosive!

ATEX Explosion Hazards Limited is able to provide a turnkey service: to identify the hazard, propose potential solutions (through testing or otherwise) and install the appropriate solution to your plant with full back up services.

Prevent Fire and Explosion:
Infrared Spark Detection
Atex CO Monitoring
Rapid Extinguishing System

Explosion Isolation:
Active Slide valves
Passive Barrier valves
Chemical and Water Flame barriers

Explosion Venting:
Bursting discs
Q-Rohr Flameless Venting
Explosion Doors

Explosion Suppression:
Rate-of-Rise Pressure Detection
Powder Suppression
Hot water Suppression
Plug and Play PC based control systems

We offer a complete programme for optimum fire and explosion protection.

Atex Explosion Hazards Ltd. Overview