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Our tank hire is the obvious choice for long term or emergency assistance with storage, management and distribution of products. ATI’s tanks and silos are in demand countrywide for the storage of a number of products including water, industrial liquids, hazardous chemicals, dry powders, quick lime, cement, corrosive acids, effluent, and others.

The company’s tanks and silos have been used on many varied and large projects including STWs and WTWs, Heathrow Airport, Canary Wharf, 2nd Severn Crossing, Channel Tunnel, and the Millennium Dome.  In more recent projects such as Olympic Park, Tyne Tunnel, The Pinnacle and The Shard, contractors appreciated the added value of outsourcing to us.

ATI Tank Hire is committed to a policy of ongoing investment to continually improve and expand its modern, comprehensive, fleet of tanks and silos, ensuring the supply of quality products to its clients. Fully serviced prior to despatch, every item of equipment is configured to each client’s specific requirements. ATI Tank Hire offers a prompt and personal service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

ATI Tank Hire Limited boasts a fleet of 300 tanks in a variety of sizes ranging from vertical, horizontal, bunded, double skinned tanks, acid tanks, transportation tanks, open topped tanks, diesel management tanks, transcubes, fittings, ancillary equipment, pressure silos, and horizontal or vertical gravity silos. ATI Tank Hire Limited is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

Our tank hire service covers the following types of tanks:

  • Diesel Tanks
  • Bunded Tanks
  • Tanks and Silos Hire
  • Silos Hire
  • Gravity Silos
  • Transportation Tanks
  • Acid Tanks

Storage Tank Hire

Our storage tank hire service covers a range of storage tanks that are applicable to a range of applications and uses.

ATI provide the following storage tank hire options for you: horizontal tanks, transcubes, separation tanks, acid tanks, vertical tanks, bunded tanks, self bunded tanks and transportation tanks.

Transportation Tank Hire

If you are looking for transportation tank hire, then ATI can provide transportation tanks. Generally used for offshore purposes, transportation tanks are also suitable for a wide range of onshore applications.

They are available in mild steel or stainless steel, dependant on application requirements. Units are certified to BS 7072; DNV 2.7-1, EN12079 and IMO1.They are available in 2.28 cu m, 4.55 cu m or 4.8 cu m. Our transportation tank hire service is ideal for applications including liquid chemicals such as oil, methanol, fuel and glycol for example.

Bunded Tank Hire

Our services include bunded tank hire. Bunded tanks are tanks made to a high specification, and are in great demand because of heightened awareness to efforts throughout the industry being made to protect and improve the natural surroundings. Compliant with The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001, number 2954, they are suitable for liquid storage and distribution on site. With improved site management and pollution awareness, bunded tanks are not only a legal requirement but are the naturally preferred choice. ATI’s bunded tank hire service is the obvious option for those responsible for deciding on a reliable, cost-effective answer.

Silo Hire

We can provide a silo hire service in the form of three main types of silos:

  • Vertical gravity silo - gravity fed silos in 2 sizes and they are economical in their footprint and are not height restricted
  • Horizontal silo - offer the maximum positional versatility as there is no need to build a purpose-built hard standing
  • Vertical pressure silo - used for dry powder storage and the discharge of liquids pneumatically offshore or to supply vessels

If you are looking for a silo hire option, please consider ATI Tank Hire and we will strive to supply the product you need.

Tank and Silo Hire

ATI Tank Hire has a great deal of experience and knowledge in regards to tank and silo hire. We can provide a tank and silo hire option to cover long and short term use and emergency uses if that is required.

Our tank and silo hire service has been perfected over 28 years with around 350 units for use in both onshore and offshore uses.

Vertical Tanks

Our vertical tanks are the most economical choice in regards to the amount of ground they use up. Vertical tanks are widely used in industry for storing liquids.

Each of our vertical tanks has a cat-and-mouse indicator to measure the level or a clear PVC indicator. When emptying the vertical tank, there is the option of having tie downs and strapping eyes to aid stability.

Gravity Silos

Vertical gravity silos comes in two sizes, 31 cubic metres or 45 cubic metres and are economical in their use of ground space. They are not inhibited by height restrictions.

Proven in many industry sectors gravity silos are sturdy and reliable. All silos are supplied with a 7.5 kW x 4 metre screw feed conveyor (extension are available if required) and can also be supplied with a 1/2 tonne or 1 tonne weigh batcher with display programmer and electrical connections.

Acid Tank Hire

All the tanks are used for transporting all manner of acids to and from installations. As part of our acid tank hire service all our units are certified to DNV 2.7-1, EN12079 and T14 & IMO1.  All 3 types of acid tank are available in 6 cubic metre capacity.

Our acid tank hire service provides tanks that are lined with butyl rubber, fluoropolymer, and our new addition, low density polyethylene.

Open Topped Tank Hire

In late 2008, due to customer requirements, we introduced four 38 cubic metre open topped tanks to the fleet, acquiring a further four tanks in February of 2009. They proved to be so popular we acquired a further four in August 2009, giving us 12 in total. 

Our open topped tank hire service provides tanks that are suitable for the storage of liquids and can be used with standard hook lift trucks or a hiab lorry using the slings and shackles provided.  These units have proved to be just as popular with construction site operators as our weir sets.

To find out more about our open topped tank hire service and how they will benefit you, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Hori/Vert Tanks

Hori/vert tanks were developed by us to be used in both a vertical plane and a horizontal plane.

Hori/vert tanks are ideal for places where the initial space is good but maybe necessary to be moved to a more vertical plane when the construction phases encroaches on the development.

This will reduce the tank's footprint and increase the area for construction.

Weir Sets

Weir sets are available in 30 cubic metre total capacity (3 tanks) or 17 cubic metre total capacity (3 tanks).

Weir sets are easily transported as the tanks fit inside each other to provide a stacking option. Weir sets are popular with the construction industry because of their ease of storage. They have lifting eyes that are inspected to LOLER 98.

ATI Tank Hire

ATI has the widest range of tanks and silos in Europe: 350 tanks and silos capable of storing from 1 cubic litre up to 111 cubic litres.  From our Great Yarmouth base we’ve been supplying tanks and silos since 1983.

Whether it’s a horizontal or a vertical tank, a bunded or a self-bunded tank, a transportation tank, water tank or an acid tank, we have the equipment to meet all your storage needs.  We offer both long-term and short-term hire, and can adapt our tanks & silos to your requirements.

We work on projects large and small.  Prestigious projects include: Crossrail, the Olympic Park, the Shard, Merseylink, Nine Elms, Forth Bridge Crossing.

And we are also able to supply tanks and silos to Europe and beyond.  Our silos and tanks have been everywhere from Kazakhstan to Equatorial New Guinea.

Our tanks hold materials such as:

Water such as fresh water, grey water and sewage

Oils such as diesel and recycled cooking oils

Hazardous or corrosive products such as hydrochloric & sulphuric acid

Dry solids such as cement, burnt lime, bentonite and fly ash

And we cover industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Construction and Environmental.

We pride ourselves on having the highest safety standards and the latest certification -  quality systems (ISO-9001), health & safety (OHSAS 18001) and, most recently environmental (ISO-14001).

Contact one of our friendly office team if you’re looking for cost-effective, safe and reliable service.

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