Atlantic Office Ergonomics

We offer an expansive range of ergonomic office seating options to suit any environment or requirement. No matter what your working environment consists of, our ergonomic office seating can be supplied to suit your build and type of work.

We provide office chairs and reception chairs, as well as support seating, specialist chairs and bespoke seating solutions.

Ergonomic Desking and Workstations

We are an authority on a new design of electronic, height adjustable ergonomic desking and workstations. They can be supplied to suit your needs and come in a range of sizes, shaped and different configurations.

Our ergonomic desking and workstations offer a solution to meet any requirement and can provide electric, manual or fixed adjustment capabilities. 

Bespoke Office Furniture

Our bespoke office furniture comes from over 20 years of experience in the field. We have workshops specialising in joinery and upholstery to build office furniture that suits you.

Our bespoke office furniture designs include height adjustable solutions, standard desks and chairs and seating. Modular seating is manufactured from component parts to meet our client's needs and our seat and back pads are individually made to compliment their style of usage. 


We provide an extensive range of ergonomic accessories to complement your items. We stock accessories like keyboards and mouse supports along with back supports and writing slopes. We also offer footrests, laptop and monitor accessories, leg supports, monitor blocks and arms, and desk feet risers. 

We have an ever-increasing product selection with many solutions to overcome RSI-related conditions or even prevent injury from happening.

Health and Safety Assessments

It is important to keep track of health and safety assessments in your workplace. Good practice is to ask if any of your staff have suffered from sensory difficulties during work days.

If any staff have suffered from or taken days off becuase of headaches, eyestrain, knee ache, leg pain, shoulder pain, swollen ankles, spinal discomfort, lower back pain, sciatica nerve pains, RSI-related pain, or wrist discomfort, you could benefit from our ergonomic solutions.

We can visit you and take a health and safety assessment of our own to help us understand your staff's daily work rountines and seating and workstation layouts. With this information we can advise you on starting to help through ergonomic items.  

Atlantic Office Ergonomics Overview