Atlantic Zeiser Ltd


Marking, coding and personalisation solutions have been the core business of Atlantic Zeiser for more than 50 years.

Whether it's pills from process to patient, secure documents from printer to parliament, banknotes from producer to pocket, Atlantic Zeiser equipment is being used for Creating Identity and adding value to a wide range of products and brands around the world. In addition to traditional mechanical impact numbering devices, the use of current and innovative technologies fill Atlantic Zeiser's portfolio of in-line and off-line solutions, such as Digital Printing and Verification, Data Capture and Serialisation, Local and Global Systems.

Individualisation, personalisation, customisation

Through individualisation, personalisation, customisation and using serial, random, secure identification, products become more valuable along with added track-n-trace capability throughout their life. So whether you're in the Security or Commercial Printing, Financial and Gift Card, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Medical, or Packaging and Processing markets, we're sure to help you make and manage that mark.

Serialization of pharmaceuticals

Regulations requiring drug packaging to be serialized are not only in the pipeline, but actually becoming a reality in many places. In the EU serialization of prescription drugs is likely to be compulsory by the end of 2018. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the USA will make serialization mandatory at the end of 2017 and require seamless track & trace procedures for medicines to be implemented by 2023.

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