Atotech (U K) Ltd.

Welcome to Our World of Electroplating and Electronics

Atotech is one of the world's leading suppliers of processes, services and equipment for General Metal Finishing (GMF), Semiconductor and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing (Electronics).

Semiconductor And Wafer Metallization Technologies

Atotech supports all electronic production stages from wafer metallization to integration of components on the printed circuit board regardless of size and complexity. We focus on semiconductor interconnects as copper wiring for microprocessors and wafer level packaging applications.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

With our unique systems approach - chemistry, equipment and global service - we are able to provide leading-edge production solutions to the electronics industry.

General Metal Finishing

The Atotech product range covers technologies for the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface treatment for various materials including steel, aluminum and even plastics.

Atotech (U K) Ltd. Overview