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Vehicle-based computers, ANPR Cameras

Attobus is the world leader in vehicle-based PC and Advanced Video solutions, driving the transformation and growth of mobile data markets across many industries.

We design and manufacture a wide range of computing and camera solutions to enable our customers to deploy vehicle-based applications including mobile data, video surveillance, GPS based navigation, mapping, number plate recognition, vehicle location, database access, computer aided despatch and digital video recording.

Attobus is able to service customers around the globe through our network of channel partners and can provide bespoke solutions depending on requirements thanks to our in-house design and manufacturing expertise.

A range of products

We offer  computer hardware portfolio to install into a range of vehicle types, including:

  • High performance vehicle-fixed PCs with camera connectivity
  • Supporting ANPR and evidential surveillance cameras with IR and high power zooms
  • Digital Video Recording with multiple-camera support
  • Hardware and software Event Management
  • Encrypted video streaming
  • Video compression options
A range of products

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