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Cost Management Services

As a Cost Management Specialist, the main focus of my role is to take away some of the headaches of running a business for my clients. Whilst many people focus on savings, which I see as the result of my work, rather than the reason for it, I focus on the one thing that most of us don't have enough of. TIME.

Many business owners outsource elements of their business where they feel they don't have time, or even expertise and knowledge to do it in house. Payroll, accounts, human resources, IT and so on. There is a financial cost to all these services, but it is accepted that these outsourced professionals will benefit a business in the long run by having the time and resources to do a more effective job.

So why then do so many organisations feel that managing overhead costs "in house" is going to save them more money than paying a specialist like me? Because they focus on the cost of services alone, without really taking a holistic view to cost management. Few SMEs pay somebody full time to look after utility supplies, telecoms contracts, stationery ordering, fleet management, insurance, waste management, office machinery, packaging and so on. So who is looking after all of these things? The office manager, the receptionist, the warehouse manager, the FD or even the MD?

Of course, whilst all these individuals are sorting out these overhead contracts, they are probably only focusing on cost. After all, they don't have any expertise in these areas, and more importantly, they probably don't have much TIME or inclination as the boss also expects them to do their proper job as well, which is what they are really paid for.

I have the time, knowledge and expertise to manage these overheads for a business.

The real legacy of professional cost managment is sustained improvement to the bottom line. FACT!


Utilities analysis and procurement, historical audits, bill validation, stationary projects, telecoms audits and many more. Whilst independent, I have good relationships with suppliers across a range of categories, including janitorial supplies, insurance, merchant card fees, payroll services, telecoms and many others.

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