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Axle Weighing

A truck scale or a scale to weigh vehicles are used to provide axle weight and total vehicle weight. Options are Axle Pads, Axle Weighing Pads or a Weighbridge. Axle Pads give a weight range up to 20 tonne per pad (larger are obtainable) and its inherent design is that the unit is fully portable, some models are ultra low profile, and can be supplied with an integral display or a remote unit which can be fitted with a tally roll printer. Axle weighing Platforms are usually flush with the ground and some have the option of Dynamic Axle Weighing. The Axle Platform could also be surface mounted with ramps. A weighbridge is designed to weigh the whole vehicle or truck for trade applications.

Crane Scales

A crane scale is an inline weighing device to be hooked onto the end of a crane in order for the item lifted by the crane to be automatically weighed. Industrial heavy-duty digital crane scales available from 100kg to 50tonne capacities. Trade and none trade digital Crane scales are obtainable to suit your requirement.

Counting Scales

A counting scale is used for calculating a quantity of products. A uniformed sample is taken and the counting scale calculates the unit weight via a simple sample operation. All counting scales work by a calculation of dividing the weight by the sample selected to provide an accurate count, the accuracy is dependant on the internal resolution of the counting scales and the conformity of the product counted.

Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet truck scales are heavy duty portable weighing machines ideal for weighing palletised products. Due to their design a Pallet truck scale is an ideal piece of equipment for factories were the product can be transported as well as weighed in one operation. The main benefits of a Pallet truck scale are that the weighing can take place were the palletised products are rather than having to move the goods to a fixed weighing machine or were space is of a premium.

Weigh Beams

Weigh beams are a portable weighing machine ideal for palletised products. Due to their design weigh beams are a great piece of equipment for factories where space is of a premium and a platform scale is not necessarily an option.Trade and none trade weigh beams are available as well mild steel or galvanized. The weigh beams are linked to a display but if no cables are a requirement then a wireless model is obtainable.

Check Weighers

Check weighers are widely used in production environments for checking manufactured components / products to make sure they are within specification. The basic Check weighers provide a weight indication the more advance Check weighers providing full printout documentation with T1 and T2 standards recorded. Most Check weighers have a traffic light display to show under correct and overweight readings, more advance units would have a traffic light display column either built into the display or a remote option is available.

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