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Since forming in November 1991, here at Automated Wire Bending Ltd, we have grown to become one of the top companies manufacturing formed-wire products in the United Kingdom. We are a manufacturer of wire forms and subsequent fabrication.
We have launched the worlds first eco friendly coat hanger targeted at the laundry and dry cleaning market.

Services we offer include:

  • Wire bent from Dia 2mm to Dia 12mm
  • 10 CNC bending machines
  • 2-Dimensional and Complex 3-Dimensional wire forms
  • Low volume to High volume
  • Welding includes Mig, Tig, Spot and Butt
  • Design and development of wire forms
  • Finishing in powder coat, BZP and Chrome

Formed Wire

The creativity and manufacturing ability of AWB can be seen on our sister website: Visit

We cover industries including Display, Furniture, General Wire forms and selective Automotive work. The creativity and manufacturing ability of Automated Wire Bending can be seen on our sister Website: Visit
We always give 110% and we have worked with top automotive and high street names.

CNC wire forming is a cost effective way of making wire shapes in low or high volume. We can provide:

  • Hooks
  • Clips
  • Hangers 
  • Pegs 
  • Chairs   
  • Point of Sale Furniture

Automated Wire Bending is ISO 9001 approved, we do the stuff others turn down!

Formed Wire

Welding Services

We provide a comprehensive array of welding services including MIG, TIG, Butt and Spot welding. All of our welding services are tailored to meet your individual, specialist requirements, so please feel free to get in touch with us here to discuss your requirements.

Welding Services

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