Automatic Access Ltd.

Automatic Access designs automated entrances making it easy for pedestrians and wheelchairs to enter and exit your premises. Automatic Swing Doors, Sliding Doors, Bi-Parting Automatic doors and Revolving Automatic Doors. Installations are designed to BS 7036 to make it as safe as possible.

As an independent UK wide company we are able to select products from the worlds best automatic door operator units, offering our customers a wide range of automatic door products and accessories. We continue to build on our reputation for supplying high quality automatic door products at competitive rates.

Automatic doors are a standard feature on many different types of buildings; they are becoming increasingly popular and require the highest standards of safety and installation.

Automatic Doors are inevitably linked to Entrances. We supply & install shop fronts, curtain walling with automatic doors to suit your designed facade. Automatic doors can also be linked to Access Controls.

Automatic Access Ltd. Overview