Automatic Windings Ltd


We are specialists in building transformers and wire wound components. We are well-established, experienced transformer manufacturers with an expert coil winding business. As expert transformer manufacturers, our range is extensive and we include products from inductors to Balun coils.

Ferrite Transformers

We are producers of many types of assemblies including custom-built Ferrite transformers.

Our Ferrite transformers range includes the manufacture and supply of air wound self-supporting coils, rod cores, laminated assemblies and dumbbell cores.

Ferrite Coil Winding

As ferrite coil winding specialists, we provide our customers with bespoke components built to specification and delivered on time, every time. As well as ferrite coil winding, we produce a wide range of custom wire wound components with a commitment to delivering continually improved services to all customers.

Toroidal Range

Our Toroidal range includes the supply of single and multiple windings, common and differential mode and open or closed frame.

This Toroidal range includes sizes ranging from 3mm to 50mm ID, has cores including Iron Dust, Ferrite, MPP, Cool Mu, Mag-amp and various other types. Typical batch sizes are monthly quantities between 30 and 4,000.


We have unrivaled experience and are renowned and highly skilled transformers manufacturers. We can produce medium to high volume batches of transformers at cost-effective prices and we keep prototypes, samples and pre-production batches in the UK.


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