Autumn Foods Plc

Autumn Foods plc are specialists in the supply of poultry products, covering specifically the UK and Ireland but also to all parts of Europe.

Whether you are a wholesaler or manufacturer our quality facilities, stringent technical controls and efficient logistics chain mean you can purchase with confidence.

We can offer a wide range of products, including:

Chicken - Turkey - Duck - Goose - Fresh and frozen - Commodity or bespoke

We supply customers in all of the following sectors:

Retail - Wholesale - Manufacturing - Export

We provide pallet drops for a wide range of standard and bespoke products.

  • Various fresh and frozen poultry cuts to meet your catering requirements.
  • Retailed packaged products.
  • Branded products; "Waterside" whole ducks and geese.
  • Reliable and flexible deliveries.
  • We do the quality and food safety checks so that you can have peace of mind.

Autumn Foods Plc Overview