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The company is based in Leicester (central England) with easy access to all motorway networks. It was founded approximately 20 years ago with links with the anti-vibration mounting industry for over 40 years, so is well positioned to offer expert advice and specialist knowledge of all vibration control products and applications.

As well as offering an extremely wide range of standard products for next day delivery, We also offer custom made products in a wide range of elastomers including natural and synthetic rubber bonded to such materials as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and various plastics.

  • Decades of experience
  • Unbeatable Value
  • High Quality product compliance
  • Product testing - Physical and chemical material analysis
  • Product design criteria 


Bobbin Mounts are a low cost solution to reducing vibration & shock.  They can be used in either Compression or Shear or a combination, and are available with various thread configurations. 

Additional Sizes are available, Plus Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant / High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include General Purpose mountings, popular in a wide range of applications & industries including Diesel Engines, Generator Sets, Instruments, Industrial Machinery & Equipment.  Weight range from 1kg to 2000Kg per mounting


Hexagon Bobbin Mounts having hexagonal end metals, so that the AV mounts can be held with a spanner to avoid twisting the rubber during installation.  Can be used in Compression or Shear or a combination.

Applications include General Purpose mountings for lightweight industrial equipment having weight range from 1Kg to 110Kg per mounting.


Interleaf Bobbin Mounts are produced with an integrally bonded interleaf metal to increase the load capacity, they are an ideal vibration isolator where large compressive forces need to be accommodated with relatively small amounts of deflection on the product.

Applications include Vibratory rollers, sieves and grading equipment, Industrial Machinery including diesel enginesetc.


Applications:  Bemag Mountings are ideal for applications where high dynamic forces are experienced, such as Vibratory Rollers, Compactors & Construction Equipment.


Waisted Bobbin Mounts offer low shear stiffness properties, and are available with various Thread configurations.

Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant / High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include Lightweight equipment, vibratory feeders, electric motors, control panels etc


Male Conical Buffers are ideal for absorbing shock

Giving high levels of deformation under impact / load, and provide a progressive stiffness rate to absorb energy and protect equipment.  Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant / High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include Primary & secondary suspension for vehicles, bump stops for general industrial machinery, assister springs.


Flat Rubber Buffers are a low cost solution to absorbing shock & vibration.  They are used in compression, and are available with various mounting configurations.

Additional Sizes are available, Plus Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant/ High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include General purpose mountings used in a wide variety of applications, including Construction, Agricultural, Commercial Vehicle & General Industrial Machinery.  Also used as machinery feet.


Hollow Rubber Springs are an ideal product to reduce the effects of shock & vibration. They give high levels of deflection allowing shock forces to be absorbed to a high degree, and have progressive stiffness characteristics, meaning they can accommodate high loads.

Applications include Vehicle suspension systems (both primary & secondary), trailers, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and shock / vibration mountings for military equipment.


Low Frequency Mounts are designed to provide high deflections under light loads, providing low natural frequency and high levels of isolation – Both Active & Passive

Applications include Precision equipment, instruments, lightweight equipment, and medical equipment.


Plate & Pedestal Anti-Vibration Mounts offering high deflections under light loads, ideal for light weight equipment.  Available in both Plate & Pedestal type depending on preferred mounting method.  Can be made failsafe by fitting top & bottom washers

Applications include Lightweight equipment such as fans, HVAC, compressors


Flanged Anti-Vibration Mountings give high levels of deflection, providing excellent levels of vibration reduction and shock absorption both in vertical & horizontal planes.  Low cost & easy to install.

Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant / High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Vibratory Screens, and Processing Equipment etc.


Flanged Circular Rubber Mountings are a simple, low cost, compression mounting and provide good levels of vibration reduction.  The mountings are produced with & without an interleaf metal. The interleaf metal provides increased load capacity.

Applications include Diesel Engines, Generator Sets, Vibratory Screens & Grading Equipment, Pumps & Compressors


Rail Mountings provide a low cost option for supporting high loads, using the rubber in compression.  Manufactured in upto 2 Meter Lengths.  They can be supplied cut to any length.  Available with 1 or 2 metals. Good Levels of Vibration Isolation

Applications include Generating Sets, Heavy Plant Equipment, and Machine Shop Equipment


Cast Foot Mountingsare the ideal choice for large reciprocating machinery & heavy duty industrial equipment.  Using the rubber in Shear/Compression, they can accommodate high loads and provide excellent vibration reduction properties of upto 98%.  The strong construction of the AV mounting ensures a safe, reliable product with extended service life and very high performance.

Mountings can also be supplied with fail-safe stop for mobile applications.

Applications include Diesel Engines, Generator Sets, Compressors, Fans, Pumps, and Industrial Machinery


Anti-Vibration Levelling Feet are simple, low costs products suitable for most types of machinery.  They allow machinery to be levelled, and also provide a degree of vibration & noise reduction.

Other Sizes, Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant / High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include Machine Tools, Lathes, Presses, Heavy Industrial Equipment, Conveyors, Food Processing & Pharmaceutical equipment, Generator Sets.


Cup shock mountings are a relatively stiff product, ideal for applications where high frequency vibrations are predominant.  The product is failsafe and ideal for both mobile & static applications. The outer metal cap offers protection from contaminants such as Oil or Fuel. The design of the mounting also allows the product to be used in tension, although maximum loads should be derated.

Applications include Military Equipment, Electronic Equipment, HVAC, Compressors, and Motors


Captive Transit Mounts are designed with an integral overload stop which controls the movement of equipment during transit and provides a fully failsafe arrangement, suitable for both Mobile & Static Applications. A universal mounting, popular in a wide range of applications.  Cost Effective, High Performing & Easy to Install. 

The rubber is used in shear compression providing optimum performance and offers vibration reduction of upto 95%.  The metal top cap provides protection from contaminants such as Oil & Fuel.  Load Rating 20Kg to 4000Kg

Applications include Diesel Engines, Generator Sets, Pumps, Compressors, Vehicles, and Marine Engines, Construction Plant.


Machine Supports are an ideal product for static machinery.  Low Cost and easy to install. Providing isolation levels of upto 85%.  The are an ideal Anti-Vibration Method for cost critical applicationd

Applications include Diesel Engines, Static Generating Sets, and Heavy Industrial Machinery.


Silent Marine Mountings were originally designed for use with marine propulsion engines and therefore are failsafe and can accommodate thrust.  Nowdays Silent Marine is popular throughout a wide range of industries. Offering a High Performance, Easy Installation & cost effective solution to reducing vibration. 

The mountings provides different stiffness’ in each direction, which provides optimum performance, particularly for I.C. Engines

Products can also be supplied with Lloyds Approval

Applications include Marine Propulsion engines, Generating Sets, Diesel Engines, Vehicles, Pumps, and Compressors


Jubo Flexible Couplings comprise of a polygon of rubber with moulded metal inserts. After moulding the product has a retaining band fitted to precompress the rubber, which is then removed after fitting. 

The product accommodates large angular & axial movements & reduces torsional vibration.

Applications include Construction & Off Road Vehicles, Military vehicles, Automotive


Cab Mounts & Cone Mounts are a robust product offering a high horizontal stiffness compared to its vertical stiffness in order to control the movement of Engines & Equipment. They are ideal for mobile applications, and are able to accommodate high loads & shock forces whilst offering excellent vibration isolation properties.  Cut outs in the rubber section allow for different horizontal to vertical stiffness ratios and the mountings can be supplied with Bump & Rebound washers to provide a failsafe mounting solution.  The design of the mountings ensures a low profile installation.

Applications include Off Road Vehicle Engines, Cabs, Rail Applications, and Mobile Applications, Transmission & Gear Box Suspension.


T Bushes offer a low cost solution for isolating vibration, reducing structure borne noise & absorbing shock forces for both mobile & static applications.  Using overload & rebound washers they provide a fail safe mounting system.  The mounting also has the benefit of being low profile.

Applications include Engines, Cabs, Pumps, Fuel Tanks, Radiators, Compressors & Industrial Equipment etc


Grommet Mounts are a low cost product normally used as a fastening method, and also to isolate high frequency vibrations.

Applications include Vehicle & Motorcycle body panels / Fairings, Light weight equipment, electronics etc


Two Piece Anti Vibration Mountings are an ideal product for both mobile & static applications for reducing vibration, and allowing flexibility within a system, and are used for reducing stresses on brackets etc.  Using washers ensures a failsafe mountingsystem arrangement.

Applications include Construction Equipment, Power Generation, Military Vehicles, Off Road & Agricultural, Industrial Machinery & Equipment.


Flanged Rubber Bush are a simple design using the rubber in shear.  A relatively stiff mounting, able to accommodate high loads of upto 1100Kg and is ideal for isolating medium to high frequency vibrations.  The product has a high radial to axial stiffness ratio and is therefore ideal for controlling horizontal movement.  Using rebound & control washers will provide a failsafe rubber mount system.

Applications include Engines mounts, Compressors, Vehicles, Radiators, Agricultural & Construction equipment. 


IOS Rubber Bushes are used to allow torsional, radial & axial movements within a system, as well as offering vibration isolation properties.  The rubber is pre-stressed to provide high durability under high dynamic loads.  No lubrication is required and they are completely maintenance free.

Eccentric & Void Bushes also available on request.

Applications include Vehicle Suspension systems, Pivots & Control Links, Mechanical Linkages, Cab Mounts, Engine Mounts, Off Road Vehicles, Agricultural Machinery, Construction, Military etc


Spherical bearings are compact heavy duty flexible bearings, able to accommodate high loads and allow movement in both torsional and conical directions.  No Lubrication is required and they are completely maintenance free.

Applications include off road vehicles, construction equipment, Rail Applications, Suspension Control Links, ‘A’ frame bushes. 


Enclosed Spring Mountings are a high deflection mounting suitable for static applications.  They consist of multiple steel coil springs enclosed in a steel cup.  The mountings are supplied with an oil resistant antislip pad under the steel base. Supplied with top fixing bolt to allow for levelling after installation.

They give a maximum deflection of 25mm and upto 99% Vibration Isolation.

High deflection (50mm) also available on request.

Applications include air conditioning, Fans, Static Generator sets, Low Speed Equipment.


Turret Mounts - Designed primarily for the HVAC industry, they are a low cost product, ideal for static applications.

The rubber completely encapsulates the metal parts to avoid corrosion problems.  Giving relatively high levels of deflection, they offer good levels of vibration reduction, even at low running speeds.

Applications include HVAC, Fans, and Pumps etc


Rubber Hangers& Spring Hangersare available in 2 types. Rubber hangers and Steel coil spring hangers.  Rubber Hangers are extremely cost effective, whilst steel coil spring hangers offer high performance.

Applications include HVAC, Ducting & Pipework, Exhausts systemsetc.

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