Aval Ltd

Here at Aval, we specialise in the supply of pressure and vacuum valves. Our pressure and vacuum valves are manufactured to meet your individual requirements and include a professional installation and maintenance program. We are accredited to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standards and API STD 2000 & BS 2654 international standards.

Flame Arresters

We provide effective flame arresters based on a corrugated ribbon design where two metal strips, one crimped and one flat, are wound round a central core. This results in the flame arresters tube banks being assembled in a ring and locked between two conical bodies by tie rods and jacking bolts.

Flame Arresters

Regulators and Control Valves

We produce a fantastic selection of regulators and control valves to meet safety standards and regulations. 

Our regulators and control valves are suitable for use with:

  • Storage Tank Facilities
  • Offshore Drilling and Production
  • Oil and Petrochemical Refineries
  • Chemical Processing
  • Bio-Diesel Fuel Production
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Production
Regulators and Control Valves

Tank Gas Blanketing Valves

Our innovative tank gas blanketing valves are a single valve system specifically designed for storage tank gas blanketing applications. Our tank gas blanketing valves are suitable for most tank sizes and high flow rates.

Our blanketing systems include:

  • Multiple regulators
  • Pressure Control Valves and Pressure
  • Three sizes - 2", 1" and half inch
Tank Gas Blanketing Valves

Storage Tank Fittings

We supply a comprehensive range of storage tank fittings suitable for a variety of applications. Our storage tank fittings include gauge hatches, ancillary fittings, pressure vacuum valves and blanketing valves.  

Storage Tank Fittings


We provide a specialist maintenance program for our valves and storage tank protection solutions. We provide on-site maintenance services to quickly determine any problems with your storage tanks.

We will provide written reports, documentation and services including: 

  • Determine the cleaning, inspection, calibration, and repair frequency required
  • Verify proper vent sizing for current conditions
  • Ensure that all venting devices are tabulated to suggest possible future repair activities and scheduling
  • Joint effort to organise and establish a preventative maintenance program

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