Avon Barrier


Avon Barrier manufacture, install and maintain vehicle and pedestrian control systems throughout the UK including:

Car Park Barriers
• Security Barriers
• Manual Lifting Barriers
Road Blockers
• Security Bollards
• Sliding Automatic Gates
• Turnstiles
• Manual Barriers
• Height Restrictor Barriers

With thousands of projects successfully completed worldwide, Avon Barrier provide solutions on both a national and international basis.

Car Park Barriers | Automated Security Barriers | Rising Security Barriers

Their access control barrier range includes:

Car Park Barriers
Automated Security Barriers
High Security PAS 68 Barrier

• Fast Acting
• 100% Duty Cycling
• Reliable & Robust

Ideal as car park barriers, access control barriers, security barriers and road traffic control barriers, they can easily be interfaced with a wide range of access control products.

A sample of options available:

Inductive Loops systems
Integral Lights

Road Blockers | Rising Kerbs | Rising Steps

Their range of road blockers include:

Security Road Blockers
PAS 68 crash rated Road Blockers

Depending on the level of security required, we offer a traditional roadblocker with a raised height of 500mm to a range of high security PAS 68 crash tested road blockers that are designed to protect infrastructure against a hostile vehicle attack such as a lorry bomb or ram raid.

Hydraulic Road Blockers can all be interfaced with a wide range of access control equipment.

Security Bollards | Rising Bollards | Static Bollards

Avon Barriers Bollards are high security PAS 68 Bollards, crash tested to withstand an impact of a 7500Kg vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph).

Their hydraulic rising bollards come with a variety of finishes including stainless steel bollards and ornate bollards, they can be interfaced with most access control products

Their static bollards or fixed bollards are also available in a range of finishes including stainless steel and ornate designs to complement architectural surroundings.

Automatic Sliding Gates | Tracked Gates | Security Gates

Their selection of Automatic Sliding Gates include

Cantilever Sliding Gates
• Tracked Sliding Gates
• Speed Gates
• Hinged Swing Gates
PAS 68 Armoured Vehicle Gates

Their cantilever and tracked automatic sliding gates can secure large roadwidths and are ideal for controlling access to delivery/service areas. Their fast acting speed gates allow traffic to flow quickly whilst not compromising security.

For high security applications their range of PAS 68 Armoured Vehicle Gates ensure that only authorised vehicles are allowed access.

Turnstiles | Turnstile Systems

Avon Turnstile Systems are ideal security turnstiles for securing pedestrian entrance ways against unauthorised access.

They are full height pedestrian turnstiles that will provide additional security and enhance any unguarded pedestrian entrance to a site.

The Full Height Security Turnstiles are available in a range of designs and operating modes, they can be interfaced with all forms of access control.

They are available in a variety of finishes including
• Stainless Steel
• Galvanised
• Corporate colour paint finishes

Manual Barriers | Manual Parking Barriers

Manual Lifting Barriers are cost effective means to secure a parking area or roadway, they are easy to install and the boom barrier arms come in a variety of lengths from 3m up to 7m.

The manual parking barriers are operated and lifted manually and counterweighted for ease and can be locked in the open or closed position.

Height Restrictors | Vehicle Restriction Barriers

Height restrictors are vehicle restriction barriers intended to restrict the height of vehicles allowed into specific areas, such as car parks or traffic lanes.

Height restrictors consist of all steel construction coated white with a white powder coated aluminium arm and knocking arm for driver warning.

The Height Restrictors have a catcher post enabling it to be disabled and secured when not required and have adjustable legs to overcome variations in road cambers.

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