Avon Solar Control Ltd

The primary functions of external Solar Shading are to reduce the thermal heat gain in a building as well as controlling the levels of direct light. This has the positive effect of reducing the buildings energy costs and improving the working environment inside.

Avon Solar Control offers a full range of systems to achieve this important function.

Product Types
  • Aerofoil Fins
    Fixed and Moveable
    Aluminium, Timber, Perforated Sheet Louvres
    Standard Aluminium Fins available from 100mm to 480mm
  • SunClip System
    Fixed System
    Horizontal, Vertical, Angled (Up to 30Deg) applications
  • Louvres
    Continuous Louvres
    Panel Louvres
    Louvre Doors
  • Walkways and Grilles
    Extruded Aluminium for Light and Heavy Duty Applications.
Providing practical and efficient solutions for your Brise Soleil, Solar Shading and Louvre requirements

Avon Solar Control Ltd Overview