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Sun share provide and install Photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity from daylight. Cut your energy costs with a solar PV install!
 Here is how solar photovaltaic panels work: Each solar PV panel consists of many smaller solar cells. Made of silicon wafers, cells generate a charge whenever light energy (photons) reaches them.

By connecting several panels together, and mounting them on a large exposed area such as a roof, PV panels can generate significant energy during normal UK daylight hours – even if the sun is behind cloud.

Passing this direct current through an inverter creates alternating current – electricity that can be directed via the fusebox to operate everyday lighting and appliances.

If there’s excess power generated, it can be redirected to the grid and metered – so generating revenue.

At night, or when it’s simply too dark, electricity is consumed from the grid.

Solar Photovoltaic panels

The lifetime performance of a solar photovoltaic panels depends on the quality of the silicon cells from which it is built. It’s no coincidence that solar panels typically account for around half of the total cost of a solar PV installation.

  • Kyocera solar panels
    After careful research, we chose Kyocera panels to form the backbone of our solar PV installations. Kyocera have been operating in solar energy for over 30 years and undertake complete in-house manufacture to ensure 100% quality product. They are one of the most experienced and proven manufacturers in the solar industry.
Solar Photovoltaic panels

Solar PV for Business

With escalating electricity costs, your business needs ways to realise meaningful energy efficiencies and savings. Environmental scrutiny is also high. Customers, stakeholders and partners are looking to companies to demonstrate reductions in their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

We have been providing professional solar PV installation services to businesses for the last 30 years. We understand that whilst we are working at your premises, you have a business to run so we plan our work carefully with you to ensure the minimum of disruption.

Why Choose Sun share as your Solar PV Partner?Choosing us means that you benefit from the following :-

Installing business services for 30 years, 500 UK engineers, ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified, Best of breed solar PV technologies, We're an MCS Approved installer. Member of REAL Assurance scheme. NICEIC accredited.



Solar PV for Business

Solar PV for Public Sector

Facing unprecedented budgetary pressures, local and national government has never been more accountable. Energy efficiency and generating savings are rising to the top of the agenda. Environmental scrutiny is also high and setting the right example important. The general public, stakeholders and partners expect the public sector to comply with new environmental targets and directives, delivering reductions in their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

The Government’s latest Feed in Tariff covers individual installations all the way to 5MW or over 20,000 standard solar panels. The most attractive tariffs are for up to 4kW (41.3p/kWh) and then a slightly lower rate for systems between 4 and 10kW (36.1p/kWh). That means the best returns for individual systems up to 18 standard panels (approximately 27 square meters) but great returns for systems all the way to 46 panels (70 square meters). The third FiT Generation tariff for up to 100kW would allow you to site almost 500 standard solar panels in one location.

We are able to help you to assess your property portfolio and recommend the most effective solutions and placements for you to maximise the return on this investment.

A typical £15,000 solar PV installation of 4kWp (28m2) will typically earn around £1,400 a year generating electricity, plus reduce electricity bills by around £200 (assuming 12p per unit). With a return of up to 10% a year, with the guaranteed Feed in Tariff, your system pays for itself within 10 years. Over a 25-year operating lifetime, your net savings after all expenses will be £15,000.

Solar PV for Public Sector

Domestic Solar Energy

Domestic Solar energy is a direct way for you to reduce your home energy bill, lower your carbon footprint and invest in a Government backed income stream that's good for the next 25 years. With a 3kW system you could generate around £1,250 in payments and energy savings AND reduce your CO2 output by 1,400kg every year - that could be over £30,000 and 35 tonnes of CO2 over the life of your system!

An average £12,000 home solar PV installation of 3kW (14 panels or 21 m2) will typically earn over £1,000 per year generating electricity, save you around £150 in lower energy bills and add a similar sum from export payments. All in all around £1,250. It really does depend on the exact nature of your own installation but as a guide, you're looking at 8% return on your investment per year or 12 year payback. Over a 25 year operating lifetime, your net savings after expenses could be £12,000.

Domestic Solar Energy

Solar Energy Installations

Each installation is individual but here is a general guide to the basic parts of each installation.

Step 1: Survey or Assessment
Depending on the size and complexity of your solar energy installation we will either visit your property to conduct a survey or we may be able to use the straightfoward survey information that you give us by internet or telephone. We will always discuss your energy generation goals with you and make suitable recommendations (free of charge) for you to consider. Have a look on the right of the screen to see how straightforward this information is and determine if your property is suitable.

Step 2: Agreeing your System with you
Once we have completed Step 1 and you're happy we've got the right solution for you, we'll give you a clear written proposal for your chosen system with installation dates, system features and pricing all clearly set out and how you've chosen to pay for your system.

Step 3: Your Installation
For a standard home installation between 2 and 4 kWp, we would expect a team of 2 or 3 to be at your property for one or two days. We use the latest scaffolding technology to get easy and safe access to your roof. We'll also need to connect the solar PV system on your roof to the inverter and then into your exisitng electricity supply. We'll discuss any internal cabling and inverter/meter positions with you.

Step 4: Commissioning, testing and handover
Every installation is comprehensively tested and monitored prior to handover. Since solar PV operation is fully automatic, we’ll spend time explaining everything that we’ve done and how your system works. We’ll only ask you to complete the handover paperwork when you’re completely happy with your new system.

Step 5: Switch on and start to save!

We offer thrid party installation for B2B clients but also answer direct enquires from customers.



Solar Energy Installations

Solar Panel Installation

Although Solar PV installations are just starting to take off in the UK, at Avonline, we're drawing on almost 30 years of experience of installing services at homes and businesses across the UK. Our aim is to make your install seamless with the minimum of disruption. Despite the 25 year operating lifetime, once installed, solar PV panels should be almost maintenance free.

Can i have solar panels? To generate solar electricity efficiently, a south facing and angled roof with little or no shadows at any point during the day is really important. To install a system between 2kW and 4kW will also need an area of between 15 and 28 square metres (50 to 90 square feet).

Southerly facing – from due South, you will lose about 5% of your maximum efficiency at a SE or SW direction.

Roof Angle – the ideal angle or “pitch” is a 30 degree slope (about 1 in 3). At 45 degrees, you lose 2% from the ideal 30 degree pitch.

Roof Size – a standard panel is 1m x 1.5m and generates 215w. Hence a 10 panel system (2.15kW) would need 10 panels and cover 15 square metres, an 18 panel system (3.9kW) would cover an area of 27 square metres.

Shadows – a solar panel installation is very sensitive to shadows. For example, on a standard installation, a 3% shadow the size of a dinner plate could reduce the efficiency of the system by as much as 25%. It is critical that your system is away from chimneys, satellite dishes and trees.

Solar Panel Installation

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Get paid to reduce your energy use! By generating your own electricity  you get paid to produce, paid for export and free electricity. Choosing Sun Share is a smart, environmentally sustainable way for you to profit from clean energy.

For a free, no-obligation assessment of Solar PV savings call: 0800 130 3132

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