Axon Cable Ltd


We are specialist designers and manufacturers of a wide-variety of innovative cabling, interconnect solutions, cable assemblies, connectors and mini systems for high-tech applications.

Our supply of equipment wires and cables and relative products is particularly extensive. Our equipment wires and cables are manufactured to the highest grade, and are suitable for high temperatures.

Composite Cables

We are leading designers and manufacturers of a variety of composite cables exclusively designed to match customer requirements no matter what the application.

Our supply of composite cables resist the most demanding electrical, mechanical and environmental conditions, are hard-wearing and versatile.

Coaxial Cables

Our top of the range coaxial cables are specifically designed to transmit signals with a minimum amount of distortion and attenuation while preventing any outside interference. Many options are available with our options in coaxial cables.

They include:

Flat Flexible Cables

Our extensive range of cable options includes options in Axojump® Flat Flexible Cables (FFC).

These flat flexible cables consist of flat tin or gold plated copper conductors, laminated between polyester insulating films with reinforced ends.

Flexible Fluoroelastomer Cables

We offer a variety of flexible fluoroelastomer cables designed for use in environments where resistance to heat and chemical products is particularly important.

These flexible fluoroelastomer cables provide good flexibility and flexlife and offer very high resistance to fuels and chemicals.

Interconnect Solutions

We provide many interconnect solutions and parts. Our interconnect solutions include precision presswork and loose or reeled parts.

Further interconnect solutions include:

  • Complex conductor strips
  • Lead frame
  • SMD terminals and components
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