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B M Plastic Services Limited can install all types of thermoplastic pipework, fabrications, ventilation ducting, chemical plant and supply on-site services. We use thermoplastic materials like polypropylene, upvc, abs, pb, hdpe and expensive option pvdf. We are also experienced in socket fusion, solvent cement, electrofusion, buttfusion, contain it which is used on chemical installations and instaflex, aqua system, ecoflex, cool fit would be used on cold & hot water building services projects. Fabrications we make are checked against resistancy, temperature of liquid and chemicals being used, how fabrications and upvc ventilation ducting installations are welded using hot air welding guns.


Plastic Engineering

Our plastic engineering providing plastic fabrications, plastic pipework installations, ventilation extraction and fibreglass works.

We also carry out plastic services for all types of business, regardless of size or sector. We can supply services to your chemical, electroplating, food manufacturing, water treatment, pharmaceutical or even your gold refinery business. We have also been involved in the installation of two prototype plants, the very first in the United Kingdom.


Plastic Fabrication

Our Plastic manufacturing fabrications are checked against resistancy, temperature of liquid and chemicals being used. Every one of our plastic manufacturing fabrications are scrutinised and checked against resistance, chemicals being used and temperature of liquid.
Many fabricated scrubber units can be a benefit for the environment, as they are used to remove an array of different fumes usually vented into the surrounding atmosphere, mostly during deliveries to chemical storage tanks.



Plastic Pipework

We are also experienced in socket fusion, solvent cement, electrofusion, buttfusion, contain it, instaflex, aqua system, ecoflex, and cool fit pipework installations.


At BM Plastic Services, we can also supply you with plastic pipework services for all your projects – whether that be for chemical uses or water treatment works. Our pipework is available in many different material forms, such as polypropylene, UPVC, CPVC, PB, ABS and more. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details regarding this service.


Plastic Ventilation

B M plastic services use hot air welding guns for all our Upvc ventilation ducting installations.

Here at BM Plastic Services, we can carry out ventilation extraction and fume testing on site for all manners of business – no matter the size or industry sector. For chemical fume, we can supply UPVC ventilation ducting, welded using hot air welding guns.



Plastic Suppliers

B M Plastic services Ltd are suppliers of all plastic materials from fittings, pipe, sheet and UPVC ventilation ducting materials.





Fibreglass Work

Fibreglass can be used to reinforced ducting, fabrications and pipework to protect it from the weather and uv rays outside.





Plastic Tanks

All our tanks are fabricated for aggressive liquids and chemicals being used in most industries.





Fibreglass Coatings

Fibreglass coatings to protect from aggressive and industrial environments, which will provide turn-key solutions for corrosion and chemical protection.





Plastic Services

B M plastic services ltd provides comprehensive plastic engineering services. We specialise in all aspects of plastic engineering services such as plastic

fabrications, plastic pipework installations, fibreglass work and ventilation extraction.




PVC Pipework

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is the most widely used of all plastics for pipe installations. It is rigid, versatile, it has excellent chemical resistance.





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