Babcock Airports


Babcock Airports provides through-life integrated solutions to airport baggage handling and management requirements and is recognised as an industry sector leader. Babcock Airports works from initial concept design, through supply, installation and integration of equipment to post-installation operations, technical support and maintenance.

As a systems integrator, Babcock Airports works in close partnership with its clients to ensure their needs are fully met through the provision of best in class process engineered solutions based on the most appropriate range of equipment, either supplied by Babcock Airports product portfolio or other specialist equipment providers. Babcock Airports uses its unrivalled baggage processing and operational knowledge together with its specialist engineering skills in automated handling and control systems development to deliver the optimum through-life performance in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability.

Babcock Airports has unique skills and experience in baggage system design, control systems development, operations, maintenance and general airport-based baggage services.

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