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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is effectively buying your way into the search engines. PPC is an effective route to market allowing you to control the price you pay for qualified traffic and the ability to track potential clients through the sales funnel.

Unlike search engine optimisation (SEO) which takes significant time to achieve natural rankings, PPC listings are immediate. It isn't rocket science but it does need some technical ability and above all time to maintain your PPC campaign. If time is something you're short of allow us to manage it for you.

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Professional Brand Led Websites

At Bad Robot we don't do the ordinary - we do the extraordinary. We design and build brand led websites which will stand out from your competition and showcase your products and services

The design of your web site is critical. Often your website may be the first glimpse that potential customers have of your business - that first impression must reflect the strengths and ideals of your company.

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