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Welcome to Badger Associates Recruitment Consultants providing you with the most comprehensive site for Recruitment in East Anglia, providing Specialist Jobs in Norfolk, Jobs in Suffolk and Jobs in Cambridge. Badger Associates is a boutique HR Consultancy and Recruitment company catering for the most discerning employers and working with the best senior and specialist candidates. Rated the best Senior and Specialist Head Hunter in the region for the past four years. Great services for employers - see the employers page.

All this from one company based right in the heart of East Anglia

  • Occupational Psychology.
  • Psychometric Testing.
  • Management Audits.
  • Individual Ability and Aptitude Measurement.
  • Job Hunting e-Book
  • Assessment Centre Management.
  • Fixed Price Recruitment Advertising
  • Appraisal Scheme Management.
  • HR Consultancy and Advice.
  • Organisation Development.
  • Training Services
  • 1-2-1 Telephone Techniques Training
  • Remote Video Interviewing 

Job Hunting Toolbox

Looking for a new job can be lonely, frightening, stressful, daunting or any one of a dozen other scary and depressing words - including scary and depressing. If you are out of work for the first time the feeling can be even worse. No guarantees of course, but anyone who follows the principals contained within our unique e-book and doesn't cut corners will improve their chances immeasurably. The e-book is called “Secrets of the Job Seekers’ Queue - How to sharpen your elbows” and it will walk you through the entire recruitment process covering topics such as:

  • What to do if you have just been made redundant.
  • Some surprising suggestions for job seeking routes.
  • How to make Recruitment Agencies work for you.
  • How to introduce the "Wow Factor" into interviews.
  • What steps to take after the interview.
  • What to do when you get the job offer.
  • Handling rejection and keeping the positives.
Job Hunting Toolbox

Recruitment Advertising

For a single fixed fee we will:

  1. Take a detailed vacancy brief.
  2. Write the advertisement copy.
  3. Standard package includes job postings on a minimum of 5 of the major job-boards, our own website, the most popular local recruitment and business networking websites. Local and national press. Niche sites covered if within our partner network of around seventy leading job-boards.
  4. Post the jobs online and run an intensive 7 DAY campaign.
  5. Handle the responses and any calls from candidates.
  6. Receive all applications, filtering according to your criteria and forwarding shortlisted candidates to you.

For prices and details of where your advertising can appear

HR Consultancy Service


We can help, advise and assist on a host of issues such as;

  • Employment Law - e.g. working time regulations, discrimination, parental leave
  • HR policies and procedures - e.g. disciplinary, health & safety, absence
  • Employee issues - e.g. managing absence, managing performance
  • Recruitment - from advertising to induction
  • HR strategy - look at the company holistically and plan ahead.
  • HR planning - making the best use of your human resource
  • Management practice - e.g. performance & change management
  • Investors In People award - we can work with you to achieve it.
  • Health and safety management
  • Training and development

We can also work with your management or existing HR Team:

Deal with complicated employment legislation and the implications for your business, such as working time regulations, Parental leave, sex, race and disability discrimination.;

Handle and produce contracts and induction procedures;

Document policies and procedures and keep them updated for you. This can cover grievance procedures, disciplinary procedures and Health and Safety;

We can help you to computerise your Personnel data and produce monthly reports on issues such as cost of absence due to sickness.

We can then work with you to reduce this costly burden.

We can even arrange to have your payroll run for you;

Badger consultants can advise you on Management practices, HR strategy, HR planning and employee issues;
You run the business and leave us to ensure that you have the best possible administration procedures protecting the asset that has the greatest effect on your P&L but doesn't appear on your balance sheet- your people.

HR Consultancy Service

Organisation Development Division

Organisation Development [OD] is the process of improving business performance through the effective management of change. Its overall goal is to improve the effectiveness of business through matching the needs of individual employees with organisational goals. It seeks to do this through building processes for identifying problems within the organisation, leading ultimately to the resolution of such problems by the organisation itself.

Since improving organisational effectiveness must mean doing things differently and better, OD seeks to change the way in which the organisation behaves through addressing such deep-seated aspects as its Values, Style and Beliefs.

As an example, OD may aim for a change in Values which the organisation holds from avoiding to confronting problems; this is what is meant by Cultural Change. In this way, the organisation is given the capacity to examine [or self-appraise] itself to make more informed choices leading to greater organisational effectiveness ; it is appropriate whether a business is expanding, contracting or in a transitory state.

OD consultants are able to facilitate the whole process with Directors and Managers of the business. A useful model to be used in an organisation self appraisal is the Business Excellence Model which embraces-

  • LEADERSHIP-do we provide effective leadership throughout?
  • PEOPLE- are all our people well managed?
  • POLICY & STRATEGY-are we clear about our business direction, and plans
  • in place which are understood throughout?
  • PARTNERSHIPS & RESOURCES-are we making the best use of them?
  • PROCESSES-what are they, and are they constantly reviewed, and up-dated?
  • PEOPLE RESULTS-are people pleased to work here, and needs fulfilled?
  • CUSTOMER RESULTS-are we meeting needs and expectations?
  • SOCIETY RESULTS-how does business activity effect the outside world?
  • KEY PERFORMANCE RESULTS-are we measuring up to our ambitions?

Each of these nine headings can be examined intimately. For example, for PEOPLE, the tried and tested Investor in People principles [IiP] can be adopted.



Organisation Development Division

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