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Here at Balmond Continental Food, we are an online wholesale food distributor who specialise in a fantastic assortment of confectionery products. We are able to deliver 100s of orders within 24 hours. As an online wholesale food distributor, we have excellent prices and online customer services.

Online Wholesale Cakes

We have a wide selection of online wholesale cakes to choose from. Our online wholesale cakes include well-known brands such as Balconi, Cake Zone, Pearls, Quickbury, and TastyBake.

Online Wholesale Biscuits

We provide a convenient one-stop online shopping experience for all your online wholesale biscuits requirements. Our online wholesale biscuits include a full range of well-known brands and flavours including traditional-style biscuits.

Online Wholesale Confectionary

We stock a wonderful selection of online wholesale confectionery available for fast delivery. Our online wholesale confectionery range includes muffins, wafers, Turkish delight, baklava, bread, and pastries.

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