We are a custom design and fabrication company, we pride ourselves in our ability to create elegant, innovative and practical solutions to any design brief.
We offer a vast range of in house skills and expertise inc composites - product design, tooling manufacture, and product manufacture. Materials innovation, Design and Development consultants, Motorsports - design, build, prep and maintain competition cars. Bespoke products fabrication, Interior trimming, Product trimming, Alcantara specialists. Sheet metal fabrications, machining, repairs, reverse engineering, Tig and Mig welding expertise, including stainless steel, the quality of all our work will not be matched.

Basically capable of conceiving, developing, fabricating developing and manufacturing products and bespoke parts from start to finish in house.

- Highly experienced in bespoke, ornate, structural and cosmetic beautiful fabrications in a wide range of materials from stainless steel to Carbon Fibre.
- Classic car restoration experts
- One off vehicle designs and builds
- Marine vessel Concept design consultancy and one off build specialists.
- Green technology's - we are involved in creating and showcasing innovative, low and zero emission, modified vehicles.
- Very keen on recycled and waste saving materials.
- Intelligent, considered design solutions.


Complete Builds 

We pride ourselves in our ability to create elegant, innovative and practical solutions to any design brief; this is proven in our continuingly increasing customer base, with high end customers such as Prodrive and Francis Tuthills.
Based in our secure, remote premises in the heart of motorsport valley, we have converted an old farm barn into an unassuming purpose built design studio and workshop. Using the right blend of experienced and creative people, we are capable of designing and manufacturing totally bespoke parts, from composite materials to aluminium fabrication all under one roof.
BAMD race are perfectly set up for everything from complete ground up builds to simple race car prep, maintenance, and development, and to suit any budget.  


Build and Development

We not only design and develop our parts in the build and manufacturing process; we also work with you and your team at the trackside, maximising the performance and reliability throughout the development process.
We also ensure that the collaboration of our parts and developments perform as a collective.
With our innovative design capabilities and a wide range of in-house manufacturing processes, we are the perfect choice for all your motorsport build and development needs.  



We can design develop and create focused race interiors, built for purpose.
For example, the Motionsport Elise has been built for endurance racing competing in the Britcar production championship this year. The emphasis on this interior was for functionality and comfort for 3 - 24 hour racing.
Also pictured, the Aston Martin N24. We have now been completing the N24 interiors for over 3 years. Earning us a reputation for absolute quality and consistency.



Our product catalogue has been built up around our various development projects both on track and in the build process. We are now starting to offer these trialled and tested products to the public and other builders.

We have a wide range of pre made moulds and shapes(ranging from air intakes to engine piping to interior trim) that can be made using our vacuum former to create plastic based products or our Resin infusion process to create anything from simple glass fibre products through to carbon and/or Kevlar products. So if theres something here you see thats not quite right the chances are we either have something to suit or can quickly create your perfect product for you.  



Motionsport is a refreshing, professional and uncomplicated endurance race team.
They have specifically created a purposeful and experienced team of top engineers and designers to competitively run their focused Elise GT production Britcar for the 2011 season.
Alongside their current Britcar race season, test and development program and driver training schedule, Motionsport are constantly looking to increase their race series support and preparation.
For further information visit their website







Transport Design runs through our blood here at BAMD ltd. Trained at the UK's home of automotive design, managing director Adam Barmby is a graduate of Coventry University's prestigious degree course.
We encapsulate three major characteristics into all our design work; Quality, Innovation and Elegance. These attributes distinguish our work over all others. So if your looking your project we are the choice for you.


Marine Design

BAMD ltd offers a unique consultancy service in luxury super yacht and tender vessel design.
We provide solutions for your visions:
- innovative and fresh concept design
- complete interior and exterior packages
- one on one client ideas generation and vision realisation
- clever technology integration
- advanced re-fit design solutions for old vessels
Offering a blend of creative and original thinking with a client inspired, elegant final design. This is what makes us a complete and clear cut choice for ‘your’ project.

Please contact us regarding any marine based ventures; we welcome any prospective clients with interesting design briefs, large or small.  


Product Design

Bespoke Product design and fabrication is a major part of BAMD ltd. In the past we have been commissioned to design and create a wide range of unique products from one off carbon leather shooting sticks (a birthday gift for Sir Stirling Moss from David Richards), to a 1m wide, apple wood, rotating cheese board! We have a wide range of skills and machinery available to us in house, and we welcome any and all interesting projects and briefs, bringing refreshingly elegant and sophisticated solutions to all our products. 







We offer a bespoke, unique coachworks service. Everything from lightweight race dashboards, to lavish, extravagant, limousine style interiors. Clever, In house design and fabrication allows us to maintain the highest standards achievable.
If you have a unique design in mind please feel free to contact us about your ideas. We have a purpose built design studio and workshop to carry out all major projects we are involved with, however we can arrange to install certain products at your home or work address.
We don’t just focus on custom interiors, all major exterior and mechanical modifications are also completed in house. From major bodywork developments to full chassis alterations, we can cater for any project in need of our quality touch.

Throughout the classic car scene we enjoy finding original cars and respectfully restoring them paying special care and respect as to maintain the vehicles history and appeal. The 100e Ford below was found in a garage where it had been stored for 30 years. It has been now been modified using only period methods and styles and is currently having a one off retro interior created for it right now! for more info please feel free to contact us.



We offer a range of services for marine vessels, and can cater for all shapes, types, makes and sizes! Everything from:

  • full scale restoration.
  • New custom build vessels.
  • Exterior styling, including custom graphics and stylised stickers.
  • Gel coat renovation, repair and protection.
  • Interior re-designs and re-trims, including custom parts like sun decks and digital dials.
  • Hydraulic steering systems.
  • Engine fitting and tuning.
  • Retrofitting of aftermarket parts




At BAMD ltd we understand and respect the restoration process. To us, respect to the vehicle and its history is paramount so that the character and charm is not lost in the usual quest for unachievable perfection.
The classic 1934 Alvis Silver Eagle 4 door open top tourer pictured below came to us for a complete restoration. The original Cross and Ellis body had been poorly restored in the past and the carpets weren't original. However the original leather was in great shape and simply needed a thorough clean and feed. The end result is a respectful restoration of the body, mechanical and interior, maintaining its personality and original features.



SuperBus project uses a low-to-the-ground 15m long chassis with sixteen independent gullwing doors, making it convenient for everyone to get in and out of without hassle.
Powered by a block of lithium-polymer batteries feeding a pair of electric motors running at 400 HP nominal and capable of 800 HP peak power.
We were involved with many areas of the project mainly focused on the exterior side panel work in Carbon Fibre, the fitment of the Lexan glass panelling, and specific interior panelwork all ready for the team of interior builders to arrive and complete the vehicle.






Wheel Styling

Full Moons are a simple and stylish rim trim, designed to give your ride a retro clean look.

This product has started out life within the classic mini car scene, now we are distributing the product over a wide genre of automotive scenes. The applications are endless , and we can provide you with a bespoke product for you project.

Full Moons are designed to be able to fit to a wide range of steel and alloy rims.  



Custom Designs

We can create any shape, colour size and style of Full Moon, in a variety of materials, effects and finishes.
Anything is possible, and we can create a product specifically for your vehicle.



Before you order, please contact us regarding the wheels you intend to fit your Full Moons too, as we hand make all our products to ensure absolute quality.

Therefore we may require for you to take a measurement of the internal diameter of your wheel for us to cut your trims specifically for your rim.

We have two main fastening techniques, one method is to use a rubber wellnut with a countersunk stainless steel bolt through a well mounted centre cap. The other method which is used most often believe it or not is a high grade velcro- this method was developed for steel wheels without a centre cap but has worked on all wheels we have currently tried without fault!

Prices, For a standard set of coloured plastic full moons the price for a set of 10"-16" is £84.99 inc vat and uk mainland delivery. However special and custom finish prices vary so contact us for details.

Payment is usually preferred through paypal, we are setup to take payment through this website however we understand that its more comforting for you to talk to someone prior to buying so feel free to contact us via the below contact methods  






Brand design

Be recognised, Be remembered, Be unique...
All our designs are tailored specifically to each individual client. Bringing their visions to reality, building brand recognition, and effectively increasing their visual presence in the market place.
We are your one stop shop for brand design, creation and visual development.



Race Team Branding

We have designed and created a number of Race team brands, signature livery and recognisable outfits. The main emphasis is to create a unique visual that people/perspective sponsors/opposition recognise and remember., without having to actually read the name.
So if your looking for a complete brand/outfit design then simply get in touch for a free consultation.



Kart Graphics

Get Noticed!
Motorsport is not only about winning races, its about getting noticed, gaining sponsors and keeping them happy, gaining exposure and furthering your career and business.
We can brand anything, call us for a bespoke design tailored just for you.

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