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Bring your refuelling and fluid transfer operations into the 21st century with Banlaw’s innovative range of systems.

Fast Fill Refeulling

Banlaw’s proven fast-fill technology creates a fully dry-break connection between the tank and fuel nozzle. This means there is zero chance of fuel spillage and minimises the occupational risk for the operator and the company.

Fast Fill Refeulling

Fuelling Accessories

We also supply a useful range of accessories, including:

Fuelling Accessories

Fluid Transfer Couplings

Designed to minimise grease and oil service times, Banlaw’s range of dry-break connectors make the transfer of coolants and lubricants a safe, clean, and dynamic operation.

Fluid Transfer Couplings

Fuel Management Systems

Banlaw’s FuelTrack™ fully integrated system allows you to effectively manage your fuelling operations and realize full accountability for your fuel resources.

Specifically designed and developed for use in mining and quarrying environments, the Banlaw FuelTrack™ Fuel Management system sets the standards in fuel monitoring and control. The uniquely developed software package provides you with a turnkey solution to all your refuelling issues.

  • PC based intuitive and user-friendly interface delivering comprehensive fuel reports
  • Automatic or manual vehicle ID (smart keys)
  • The ability to manage up to 1000 vehicles
  • Ensure correct fuel types are distributed to the appropriate vehicles
  • Incorporated fast-fill dry-break technology, eliminating spills, theft and accidental loss of fuel
  • Engine hours can be entered - automatically or manually
  • Temporary PIN numbers can be provided to contractors which automatically time-out after a pre-set time
  • Depots can have water detection and/or overfill protection
Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Pumps, Flowmeters, Hose Reels

Our experience of working in partnership with our customers tells us you depend upon equipment which can perform day in day out.

We actively forge strong relationships with our key suppliers so we are sure you only receive equipment which is up to the job.

Fuel Pumps, Flowmeters, Hose Reels

Vehicle Visibility Aids

Give yourself and your drivers the confidence to operate your vehicles safely. We make sure you have the best kit in the country from recognised market leaders with systems available for any budget. Our wide range of products includes vehicle mounted rear view camera systems, shatter-proof wide angled convex mirrors, a vast array of audible reversing alarms and bleepers, and radar operated sensor systems.

Vehicle Visibility Aids

Reversing Camera Systems

Provide your drivers and operators with the ultimate fail-safe system to use when reversing. Specifically designed systems which can be activated with the engagement of reverse gear. Featuring wide angle cameras and high quality displays - supporting your drivers with a perfectly clear field of vision behind the vehicle.

Systems available to suit every kind of vehicle:

  • Twin camera capability - locate another camera at the side, or even inside the vehicle
  • Low light capability - built-in infrared LEDs enhance vision when light levels fade
  • Space saving TFT flat screen systems - keep cab interiors uncluttered where space is tight
  • Sound function available with built-in camera/microphone facility
  • Manufacturers warranties come as standard and fully handled by ourselves
  • Colour and black & white systems available for all budgets
Reversing Camera Systems

Wide-angled Convex Mirrors

With the HSE demanding that visibility assessments are carried out on vehicles before they are set to work, wide-angled convex mirrors are a highly effective way to eliminate drivers blind spots. Purposely designed for use on fork-lifts, LGVs, HGVs, and plant, these mirrors really can stand up to the rigours of use in a harsh workplace environment.

  • Shatter proof - made from high quality acrylic
  • Wide field of vision - the convex design gives the driver the confidence to manoeuvre safely
  • Different shapes, sizes, and materials developed with specific applications in mind
  • Many fitting options available to guarantee there’s a perfect solution for your vehicle.
Wide-angled Convex Mirrors

Vehicle Reversing Alarms, Sensors, Radars

Audible alarms ensure that inattentive pedestrians are made aware of potential hazards in their vicinity.

Educating and training your drivers in awareness is only half the battle. To be entirely sure that you’re doing all that’s reasonable to be safe, you need some form of audible reversing alarm. It is, after all, your responsibility as a driver and operator!

Banlaw is an approved stockist of Brigade Electronics alarms, sensors, and radar systems, the recognised UK market leader in this technology. Easy to fit, you’d be surprised how many different variations of the alarm have been developed in recent years to suit specific needs.

Some of the features available in the range of BACKALARMs

  • Self adjusting BACKALARM which automatically adjusts its volume in response to background noise
  • Fixed volume bleepers
  • BACKCHAT speaking alarms that verbally state a vehicle is reversing - bespoke messages available
  • NIGHSHIFT reduced volume BACKALARMS
  • BACKALERT combined bleeper and light
Vehicle Reversing Alarms, Sensors, Radars
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