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Here at Banner Executive, we specialise in turnaround, performance improvement and interim executive assignments for businesses.

If your business gets into difficulty we have a turnaround programme to address operational and strategic issues. We provide on-going stability and remove financial risk to all involved. We will identify key improvement opportunities and develop business plans to stabilise your business.

Our advanced turnaround programmes focus on:

  • Controlling the immediate crisis
  • Rebuilding stakeholder support
  • Correcting the weaknesses in the business
  • Resolving the future funding and ownership of the business

Interim Executives

Our extremely experienced interim executives specialise in responding to change, opportunity and uncertainty, even at short notice. They have excellent communication skills and will get the best out of your employees. Our interim executives will get straight to the issues, take full ownership of the situation and deliver quick results.

Interim executives are often used by organisations for reasons including: 

  • Overstretched and under-resourced executives
  • Projects not being started and/or finished or running well behind schedule
  • The loss or absence of key executives
  • Bridging a skill gap until a permanent appointment can be made
  • Major structural and organisational changes including acquisitions, mergers, disposals, and floatations
  • Entering new markets, introducing new technology or moving locations w technology or moving locations
  • The projected or ongoing use of management consultants
  • Need for performance improvement
  • Managing from a distance - problematic overseas subsidiaries
  • Coaching and mentoring internal candidates to fill a larger role
  • Financial crisis/Turnaround
  • Embarking on new, risky ventures
  • Need for a fresh independent view of the organisation
Interim Executives

Business Experience

We have a great deal of business experience in both manufacturing and services sectors including aerospace, defence, engineering, transport, distribution, insurance, and telecoms. We have strong leadership skills and use our business experience to strategise, manage change and improve your business. 

Our services are:

  • Cost effective
  • Affordable
  • Focussed
  • Committed
  • No threat to existing executives
  • A fresh perspective
Business Experience

Performance Improvement

In 1998, Banner Executive was formed by John Adkins. John is a highly experienced senior executive who has been Ch.CEO/MD in both large and small companies.

We specialise in performance improvement and managing change. We have an excellent reputation and have undertaken performance improvements and turnaround for banks, PLC's, PE and accountancy companies.  

Performance Improvement

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