Barcoding Solutions Ltd

We are dedicated to saving your company time and money and help improve your efficiency with our range of systems. We will meet with you and discuss any data capture requirements you are currently performing.   If they are not currently using any barcode systems, we can supply you with an 'off the shelf' solutions or a bespoke system.   We have provided barcode systems for a wealth of clients in a variety of industries that include asset tracking, stock control, logistics, mailroom deliveries, order processing, workshop control, and goods in and out.

Desktop Barcode Label Printers

We provide a selection of desktop barcode label printers ideal for retail and other applications. The models we supply include the LP2823 and the LP2824. These desktop barcode label printers are space saving accessories and can withstand a lot of handling.

They can be integrated into many other applications and also suit business and office applications as well as providing applications for retail point of sale, shelf labelling, healthcare labelling specimens and for patient tracking.

Mid Range Barcode Printers

We distribute a range of mid range barcode printers to provide industrial strength applications for sectors such as automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, and retail distribution.

Our mid range barcode printers offer diverse application and durability. They are able to meet changing business applications and provide high speed printing and a choice of interfaces.

They provide extensive flexibility and can be adapted for use in a range of environments.

High Performance Barcode Printers

Our high performance barcode printers include the EZ-2000 industrial barcode printer. It gives thermal or direct transfer with a resolution up to 300dpi.   High performance barcode printers make it possible to print graphics and texts quickly and are adapted to suit heavy industrial use.

Mobile Barcode Printers

Our Zebra EM 220 mobile barcode printers provide features such as:

  • Print method: Direct thermal
  • 2 MB Flash, 8 MB RAM
  • Standard Serial and USB interfaces
  • Optional magnetic card reader

We also offer TSC Field Pro mobile barcode printers. This system prints up to date work records, receipts and invoices. It also has an optional magnetic card reader and can process credit card payments.

The Zebra EM 220 combines a lightweight design with ergonomic features and simply to use one-touch media loading and card reader.

ID Card Printers

Our ID card printers provide high quality imaging, printed to the edge of the card, and a anti-copying watermark across the entire card surface. HoloPatch adds daylight visible security to every card and the Tempo model will print on all quality PVC cards.

ID card printers are provided at great prices and are incredibly easy to use. 

Barcode Laser Scanners

We provide Motorola P460 barcode laser scanners.

They combine: 

  • Preloaded inventory application software
  • 17-key alphanumeric keypad and 2 line x 20-character display
  • Forward-scanning pistol grip to minimize fatigue
  • Laser scanner with 35 ±5 scans per second (bi-directional)
  • Nominal working distance: Up to 16 in. (40.64 cm) on 100% UPC/EAN symbols

Barcoda BSW-LA barcode laser scanners are wearable, designed for harsh environments, bluetooth enabled, beam triggered, and provide quick and easy scanning.

Barcode Consumables

We offer a range of barcode consumables like labels and tags compatible with various printers.

They come in a variety of sizes and we can tailor any barcode consumables to suit your requirements. Labels we stock include direct thermal, thermal transfer or linerless.

We also offer tags with perforations and pre-cut swing holes if needed.

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