Bartec Paper and Packaging


We specialise in the conversion of substrates to customers bespoke requirements in the flexible packaging field. We convert mainly for the food industry, although we supply packaging for industrial uses as well. With particular expertise in the confectionery sector, we can handle a complete range of products; from small scale design trials with unusual substrates to production scale converting and bulk material supply.

  • Register Sheeting capability.
  • Comprehensive supply and converting services.
  • Conversion into reels, rolls, sheets, die cut shapes, guillotined pieces or hand collated batches.
  • Cushion Pads and Baking Cases.
  • Die cutting of intricate shapes a speciality.
  • Rapid turn around of special designs and small batches.
  • Glassine Papers for arts and crafts market
  • Clean air production facilities

Chocolate Packaging

We have developed an excellent trading relationship with the main producers of glassine and greaseproof material in Europe. These materials are particularly suitable for confectionery and food use because of their high grease resistance. Glassine is available in a variety of colours and can be printed in up to 8 colours according to requirement. Glassine is also used as the top and bottom layer of a cushion pad, can be corrugated to form a more rigid layer pad or crimped to form attractive cases for petit-fours. Glassine is neutral to taste, odour-free and is not only recyclable but also compostable.

Glassine Liners

Cut to size or supplied in rolls, printed or unprinted with high grease resistance, ideal for chocolate box liners and cake interleaves. We stock a variety of colours in reel form at 40gsm but glassine material is also available in different grammages. Colours available are black, brown, white, bleached, red, pink, aubergine, purple, blue, light green, dark green and yellow. We also hold stock of embossed glassine in “linen” and “silkworm” profile. Ideal where grease resistance and attractive presentation are essential.

Confectionery Cushion Pads

Used to protect products but also to promote the brand through print on the top layer. Usually made from glassine but greaseproof, film and metallised layers can be utilised according to requirement. Cushion pads are widely available in 3ply and 5 ply thicknesses and we stock black, white and brown. 7 ply and 9 ply pads are also available subject to a minimum order quantity. Print can be used to add value or even a coloured glassine to complement your box colour.

Petit Fours Cases

Used to hold individual chocolates in a tray or a box. A special slip easy coating is used to ensure that each case releases properly. Standard colours are white or black but the latest developments have resulted in more coloured glassines being used. Cases can also be printed in up to 4 colours to help with branding.

Confectionery Cruciforms

Specially designed to provide highly decorative packaging within the box for chocolates and sweets. Our sampling procedure requires us to work closely with our customers and tool makers to ensure that all cruciforms are accurately die cut. These can be supplied as glassine liners or cushion pads to provide optimum protection “all around the box”.

Confectionery Bags

We can supply polypropylene and cellophane bags which are suitable for hand-packing selections or chocolate blocks. Whatever your bag requirements, we would be happy to find you the ideal product


Available in either single-faced or double-faced in B Flute of E Flute profile. Applications include layer pads or collars within confectionery boxes or as a liner for biscuit packaging.

Bakery Packaging

We stock a number of grades of greaseproof and siliconised papers for use in baking applications. These materials can be converted into baking cases for buns and muffins, sheeted to size and/or die-cut to fit your baking tins. Siliconised papers are essential when release properties are required and we can supply such materials in a range of colours. Corrugated greaseproof paper acts as an excellent liner for biscuit tins or “brick” packs. Greaseproof materials can be printed but, for siliconised papers, the material needs to be printed prior to silicone coating so larger volumes are required.

Baking Cases

We offer a wide range of baking cases in plain or coloured materials. We have extend our range of cases to include a wider range of stock design's printed on greaseproof as well as coloured glassines and foils.

Baking cases can be printed with your brand, logo or any message to support seasonal sales. We also offer smaller packs suitable for retail. As we pack at our premises in Cheshire we can pack mixed cases as required. We can also offer branded labelling of retail packs subject to a minimum order quantity.

Please contact us to discuss your print requirements.

Greaseproof Sheets

Greaseproof paper is sulphite paper made resistant to oils and fats, and used to process meat, fish and dairy products. Greaseproof is available in a variety of grades and can be supplied plain or printed, sheeted or die-cut, or even slit to size in rolls depending on your requirements.

Siliconised Papers

We stock two-side silicone coated paper which is used as a liner or layer sheet when release properties are required. Silicone paper is offered in white, blue and pink but larger volumes are required for print as the material needs to be printed prior to silicone coating.

Cake Baking

We supply a large number of cake manufacturers, bakers and retailers with papers and films. Our papers can be die-cut to the shape of your baking tin, either circular or with slits to fit rectangular trays. Liners can be supplied in either greaseproof or parchment, either siliconised or uncoated. We also supply material for interleaving slices of cake, and waxed paper or filmstrips which act as cake bands or 'collars'.

Bake Trays

We are pleased to add the corrugated bake tray to our range. Bake trays can be used in traditional ovens and bake up to temperatures of 220 degrees C. They are very light on material content but provide great strength and excellent insulation when handling from the oven. They are particularly suitable for bread and cake based products as they are made from specialised greaseproof papers to ensure grease and fat do not migrate through the packaging.

We hold stock of the most popular sizes and would be happy to discuss any specific requirements in terms of release properties or sizing.

Biscuit Packaging

Available in either single-faced or double-faced in B Flute of E Flute profile. Applications include layer pads or collars within confectionery boxes or as a liner for biscuit packaging. Can be supplied cut to size or in rolls and coils.

Food Packaging

As our business has developed, the papers we process have been tried in a variety of food applications. We also offer polypropylene and cellulose films which can be used as overwraps or interleaving. We hold specifications for all of our products with appropriate declarations for their suitability for food packaging.

Waxed Papers

We offer various grades of waxed paper and tissue in low and high gloss finishes. Waxed paper provides excellent grease and moisture resistance and is widely used as cheesewrap. For other types of cheese we can also offer a paper/pe laminate of the type that is often used in continental delicatessens for the wrapping of both sliced meats and cheeses.

Subject to minimum quantities all the materials we supply for cheesewrap can be printed with bespoke designs or your company logo to give a personalised material to enhance your company brand image.

Interleaving Papers

Our papers and films are used by many food manufacturers as interleaves. We supply materials to fish and meat processors to separate and protect their products through the packing process. Greaseproof materials, with their resistance to oils and fats, are especially suitable for this application.

Delicatessen Wraps

We offer waxed papers in plain or printed with your logo or other message for use in delicatessens as wraps or as lining sheets for baskets or trays within display cabinets.


We can die-cut greaseproof, parchment or paper/PE materials to act as lidding or coverleaves for margarine.


Our greaseproof materials can be supplied plain or printed as the perfect butterwrap material.

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